The 16 Best Eras Tour Outfit Ideas — Thrifted By Swifties

Three screenshots of TikToks showcasing outfits fans are wearing to the Eras Tour

It’s arguably the event of the century: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

If you were fortunate enough to get an invite (ahem, battle through Ticketmaster’s seven layers of hell to acquire tickets), the next most important question on your mind was likely: What on earth do I wear?

Thousands upon thousands of Swifties have cosplayed as the woman herself, styled their looks after one of her “eras,” or opted for a witty t-shirt and shorts in the name of comfort (we see you and we support you.)

But we’re here to set the record straight: The best outfit you can wear to the Eras Tour is one you already have. 

We know, it’s controversial. 

But think about it like this: You just spent an arm and a leg on tickets, and probably gas, lodging, and food to see Taylor in a nearby city, and you’re probably going to try your best to snag one of those navy blue sweatshirts at the merch stand.

Wearing something you already own — or thrifting and trading with fellow fans — is just the most economical and sustainable way to go. Plus, you don’t have to forego fashion to be eco-friendly. 

With so many online second hand retailers, Facebook groups, and “Taylor Thrift” events at local thrift stores, you’re bound to find something to help you “dress like a daydream.”

Two main buy-sell-trade Facebook groups that help Swifties find their perfect fit are “Broke Swifties” and “Eras Tour Outfits,” which have over 30,000 and 40,000 members, respectively.

Alyssa Monreal co-founded the Broke Swifties group with her friend and fellow Swiftie Gabriella Schoch, after they were eager to get their hands on the coveted “folklore cardigan” that sold out of Swift’s official merch shop.

Three women in cardigan sweaters stand outside of a Taylor Swift merch trailer.
Schoch, Monreal, and Samantha Frazzini, admins of the Broke Swifties Facebook group, attend the Eras Tour in their cardigans. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Monreal

“Somewhere along the lines, we just decided to create a community of our own,” Monreal said in a message to Good Good Good.

“We’ve seen people use it to connect with each other, as well as buy, sell, and trade. It’s honestly really fun to watch from behind the scenes.”

While the Broke Swifties group is full of fan-to-fan commerce for exclusive vinyls, collector’s items, and more, Monreal and the other admins decided to dedicate Mondays and Tuesdays as Eras Tour outfit-selling days because they saw such a demand for people looking to rehome their clothes.

“I recall seeing people specifically mentioning that they were doing what they could to be more sustainable for their outfit choices and wanting to be more thrifty,” Monreal said. “It has also definitely sparked debates about fast fashion, as well.” 

Alyssa Monreal wears a purple tank top and sparkly headband at the Eras Tour
Alyssa Monreal attends the Eras Tour. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Monreal

Similarly, the group rules in the Eras Tour Outfits group even include a rule that users cannot endorse fast fashion brand Shein. Rules also require members to sell their clothes for as close to retail price as possible — no price-gouging here!

“We are here to educate and protect one another,” the page reads. “Post what outfits you want to try and re-create or create for Taylor Swift's 2023 Eras Tour, show off what outfits you make once the tour starts, and sell what you've worn before to be loved and used again!”

In a world where the fashion industry causes so much damage to the planet, it’s refreshing to see fans (predominantly young women) pass down these garments, filled with so many meanings and memories, to protect the planet, and connect in community. 

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect look for the perfect night, or just want to ooh and ahh over some cute and creative outfits, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our favorite thrifted Eras Tour outfits we’ve found online — because giving your clothes a longer lifespan “never goes out of style.”

Thrifty Swifties: The Best Sustainable Eras Tour Outfits 

This pink fringe number

@haley.lovin Such a slay thrift find💅🏻. One month till I can wear it for my queen @taylorswift ♬ ERAS TOUR OUTFIT TRANSITION - paige (willow remix)

If there’s one thing Taylor Swift loves (besides selling four versions of the same record), it’s a sparkly fringe two-piece.

This fan found a perfect ‘dupe’ at the thrift shop!

A DIY ‘Bejeweled’ moment

After the jaw-dropping “Bejeweled” music video stole our hearts, and led to a viral TikTok dance, it’s a no-brainer why fans flocked to the rhinestone section of the craft store.

Check out how this Swiftie turned a thrifted dress into the perfectly unique take on Taylor’s iconic look. 

A fully thrifted fit that feels like a mix of ‘Reputation’ and ‘Cowboy Like Me’

A little yee-haw energy never hurt anyone. This leather outfit has the makings of a perfect ‘Evertation’ or ‘Repermore’ crossover. (We’ll keep workshopping the name.)

An iconic thrift flip denim jacket 

@nataliatrevinoamaro Replying to @__bevutifulstrvnger she’s done and ready to be worn on tour 🤩 #erastouroutfits #thriftflip #erastouroutfitideas ♬ som original - nobody???

We’re astonished by how far a little fabric dye, paint, and patches can go. 

This jacket is the perfect thrift flip — and reminds us that a DIY look can continue to be a special souvenir after Taylor sings her last note.

A ‘Lover’ and ‘Midnights’ love child found in a Denver thrift store

@saridiskin GAHHH @taylorswift 🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩 lover meets midnights. #erastour #erastouroutfits #erastouroutfit #tstheerastour #swifttok #swiftie @taylornation ♬ son original - tswiftmusic

Is there anything better than scoring the perfect thrift find in your size?

Yeah, scoring the perfect Eras Tour thrift find in your size. 

This real-life ‘mirrorball’

Contrary to the lyrics of ‘mirrorball,’ this Swiftie is actually a natural. Look at this effortless dress and earring combo! 

One creatively upcycled ‘Maroon’ look

This Swiftie leveraged a number of different preloved avenues to find an outfit, bag, and jacket for the show!

That’s a real effing legacy, if you catch our drift.

The perfect sparkly night-sky aesthetic for a night out

@millennialmoneyhoney Replying to @Tina DONE! ✔️ How’d I do?! 🖤 Dress is secondhand NBD from @Revolve #erastouroutfits #erastour #taylorswift #taylornation ♬ Cruel Summer - Taylor Swift

This Swiftie took us on her whole thrifting journey before finally landing on the perfect look for her Eras Tour show!

If this outfit could talk, it would say “this night is sparkling; don't you let it go.” 

The most darling ‘Willow’ inspired dress that was already in someone’s closet

This Swiftie really watched the “Willow” music video and said “wait, I think I have that dress in my closet already” and then proceeded to blow us all away with an adorable remote-cottage-in-the-woods look.

Wherever you go, we’ll follow.

A same-day sequin outfit thrifted 8 hours before the show

@endofjunevintage did I make the right choice or should I go to another eras tour show so I can wear the other dress? 🫢 #thriftwithme #erastouroutfits #erastouroutfit #erastouroutfitinspo #detroitthrifting #thriftingdetroit ♬ Au Revoir - Sweet After Tears

Now, this one has to be some kind of record. This fan visited five different thrift stores the day of her concert, and it’s giving “Mastermind.”

She found a fabulous sequin dress, all while showing us that thrifting an iconic outfit for the Eras Tour is truly possible. 

This ‘ME!’ inspired look made from a bedazzled thrifted dress

This creative soul used a thrifted dress as a base for a stellar “ME!” music video re-creation. 

Spelling is fun! And so is thrifting!

A Reputation Tour re-creation for under $25

We love how this fan went into the thrift store with a plan of action — and executed it! 

Styling a sequin dress with a purple blazer, this outfit is an awesome Reputation Tour cosplay that doesn’t break the bank.

And last but not least, the world’s luckiest ‘Speak Now’ thrift that was — if you can believe it — $13

The purple “Speak Now” chiffon dress is among Taylor’s most recognizable tour outfits, as most long-time Swifties know.

We’re only a little jealous that this fan found a clone of it for $13 at the thrift store. Only a little. 

Other Sustainable Eras Tour Outfit Ideas

Shop from someone who has already been to the show.

Those Facebook groups we mentioned earlier are a great way to find trendy looks without shopping directly from a fast fashion retailer. 

Since many Eras Tour outfits are often ornate and sparkly — and not something you’d necessarily wear over and over again to work — extending the lifespan of a sparkly dress or a pair of leather pants is a great, sustainable way to shop for your concert outfit!

You can also try to host a clothing swap with friends or other community members if you want to try on different outfits IRL.

Repurpose something you already own.

If you already have a red scarf — boom, you are now “All Too Well (Ten Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) [From The Vault].” 

All jokes aside, there are so many ways you can repurpose something that’s already in your closet. Perhaps you dye a garment a different color, sew on some embellishments, or style it in a new way. 

Buy a sustainably-made item you will wear time and time again.

We totally understand that bug to buy something new for a special event. And it’s not off-limits! 

But consider buying something that will have a lifespan beyond the concert: An item that is ethically and sustainably made, can fit into a number of outfits that already exist in your wardrobe, and is durable and made to last. 

Maybe instead of a quick, sequined top, you can opt for a hand-sewn linen dress that can be dressed up with all kinds of fun jewelry in  your collection! Just because this show is a once-in-a-lifetime event doesn't mean wearing your outfit has to be.

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