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Guides and good news from the world of thrift shopping, consignment, and the circular economy

Screenshots of Three Online Consignment Shops Websites: Neutral Ground, Mercari & Stillwhite

20 Online Consignment Shops — To Shop & Sell (2023)

It’s never been easier to shop and sell secondhand. Online consignment shops are a great, user-friendly way to do just that.
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Several browser windows of online bookstores that aren't

9 Best Online Bookstores That Aren't Amazon

It’s a radical act to choose to buy books from a more ethical marketplace, knowing that you may be paying more than you’d pay with Amazon. 
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Two of the top online dress rental shops: Rent the Runway and Nuuly Rent

8 Best Sites To Rent a Dress for Formal Events (And More) (2023)

Your guide to the best places to rent a dress for your next special occasion.
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A pair of old women's sneakers on pavement.

Where & How To Recycle, Resell, or Repair Your Old Shoes

How to recycle your shoes — or maybe donate or upcycle them. We’ve rounded up a list of sustainable recommendations to get you started.
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View of light coming in the windows of a busy consignment shop

Ultimate Guide: What Is a Consignment Shop?

Breaking down the history of consigning, the differences between consignment and thrifting, and how the process typically works...
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Top sites that make it easy to sell clothes online

13 Best Sites To Sell Used Clothes Online + Tips From a Pro

Discover how to clean out your closet, make money, and help the planet by selling your used clothes online. We’ve curated the best sites and apps to make the process simple.
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