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RuPaul stands on stage for TED Talk on red carpet in front of TED logo

RuPaul celebrates the 'power of drag' from TED stage

This year’s TED conference just kicked off in Vancouver, BC… with a slay.
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An illustration of a heart and a little black hole-style character made to represent anxiety, sitting under a tree

9 comics that perfectly illustrate what it's like to live with anxiety

Haley Weaver playfully sheds light on the complexities of mental health, offering understanding and comfort, to all of us experiencing anxiety.
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Left: Cate Blanchett speaks into a microphone in a recording booth. Right: The poster for Netflix's docu-series 'Our Living World' with green and blue hues

Cate Blanchett, Netflix celebrate Earth Day with release of docu-series 'Our Living World'

Netflix's latest nature docu-series is narrated by Cate Blanchett and explores the wondrous connections between species and ecosystems across the globe.
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Three screenshots of Maggie Rogers speaking into her camera in an Instagram Reel

Maggie Rogers is selling concert tickets to her fans IRL to fight exploitation in the live music industry

Maggie Rogers just dropped her third album "Don't Forget Me," and will soon take it on tour. But first — she's selling tickets in-person at box offices.
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Glitter with microplastics

Microplastics no more: Scientists invented sustainable glitter made from fruit

Scientists have come up with a sustainable glitter alternative derived from fruit. Conventional glitter contains harmful microplastics that pollute the environment. The new biodegradable glitter is vegan, so everyone can sparkle again guilt-free.
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Red-headed musician Chappell Roan performs on stage, microphone in hand, wearing a black and pink outfit.

Chappell Roan wants your friendship bracelets — and all proceeds are going to Gaza relief

Chappell Roan encouraged fans to donate friendship bracelets at her tour merch table, reselling them to benefit Mercy-USA for Gaza relief.
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An illustrated advertisement for Catan: New Energies board game, with the game set against a backdrop of green rolling hills dotted with windmills.

Catan goes eco-friendly — 'New Energies' board game tackles climate change

In "Catan: New Energies," players settle land while navigating modern-day disasters, like mitigating pollution levels to avoid game-ending consequences.
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A collage with a monochrome image of President Biden taking a selfie with Olivia Rodrigo, flanked by more images of Olivia Rodrigo with her tongue out holding a microphone. The background is a pattern of purple grid on white, with abstract yellow and red shapes.

All the times Olivia Rodrigo showed us she's a feminist — from girlhood to the 'Guts' Tour

Olivia Rodrigo’s support of abortion funds has been celebrated, but here are all the times she’s reminded us of her feminist values over the years.
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An emotional inmate at Sonoma County jail covers his face and wipes tears as he listens to a classical quartet playing the composition he wrote.

Watch: Incarcerated composers react from prison as a string quartet brings their songs to life

In Sonoma County Jail, 11 inmates found solace and purpose in a music program, culminating in an emotional concert performed live.
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Three screenshots show a TikTok posted by the Mulwaukee Public Library, where a young woman is dressed as Amelia Bedelia

Beloved character Amelia Bedelia visits her local library in a viral TikTok, cleverly showcasing underrated public programs

Amelia Bedelia's mishaps, highlighted by the Milwaukee Public Library in a TikTok video, showcase the vast resources available at public libraries.
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Left: a close-up of a golden fence; Right: noé olivas stands outdoors in front of three small trees

While politicians continue to debate the lives of immigrants, noé olivas is making art about them

Los Angeles-based artist noé olivas wants folks to get up close and personal with the immigrant experience with "Gilded Dreams."
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Beyoncé, dressed in cowboy attire with a sash labeled "Cowboy Carter" rides a galloping white horse while carrying an American flag.

With Beyoncé's launch of 'Cowboy Carter', the country music genre may finally break free from the stereotypes that have long dogged it

With “Texas Hold 'Em,” Beyoncé became the first Black woman to have a No. 1 song on the country charts. At the same time, country music stations like KYKC in Oklahoma initially refused to play the record because it was “not country.”
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