Art & Creativity for Good

Stories About Using Art and Creativity To Make a Difference

A white man with dark curly hair pushes a wooden card with a 3D printer on top down a street.

Free 3D-Printed Repairs: One Man is On a Mission to Extend the Lifespan of Everyday Objects

Content creator Morley Kert offers free 3D-printed repairs to strangers in public spaces to help reduce waste.
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In chalk: Share your story. #StopStreetHarassment @catcallsofnyc

This Team of International Young Women Is Fighting Catcalls

A group of international activists is highlighting and combatting street harassment and gender-based violence through colorful chalk art.
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Screenshots of Amanda Ahlenius's TikTok videos and the cover of her book: "Grandma Knows Everything"

TikToker Empowers Women, Sharing Life Hacks From Past Generations

Meet the TikToker who made a book of crowd-sourced advice passed down from generations of grandmothers and mothers.
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10 Reminders for the Creative Soul: I am an artist. I am worthy of calling myself one.Accomplishment and acclaim do not make me an artist. I am an artist because I myself am a vessel for beautiful things.The only reason art needs to exist is because it can. It’s okay to create things that don’t mean anything.Believing in my creativity is the most powerful tool I have. I will use it for good.Although the creative process is a complex journey, I vow to prioritize pleasure and joy in the act of creation.There is space for my art in this world. My art has the power to make the world a better place.Courage is an art form. I have the courage to boldly advocate for myself and my art.The goal should not be perfection, but rather, expression.I’m not a machine, I’m human. I give myself permission to go at my own pace.Although I may never feel ready, I choose to let go of any self-doubt and show up anyway.

10 Inspiring Affirmations for Artists & Creators

Reading and practicing affirmations allows artists to combat self-doubt, nurture their creative spirit, and remain resilient in the face of challenges that come with the creative process.
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A series of multiple LGBTQ+ Pride Flags, including the Trans Pride Flag, Intersex Progress Pride Flag, Pansexual Pride Flag, and more

25 LGBTQ+ Pride Flags & Their Meanings (2023)

From the iconic Rainbow flag to lesser-known symbols, explore a comprehensive guide to LGBTQ+ Pride flags, their colors, and the significance behind each.
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Amanda Gorman and a screenshot of her Instagram fundraiser

Amanda Gorman Fundraiser Soars as Her Iconic Poem Faces Ban in Florida

Amanda Gorman's fundraiser to fight book bans surpasses $50,000, showcasing overwhelming support for free speech. Learn how she is taking a stand against censorship.
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abstract wall of vinyl records

8 Groups Rocking the Music Industry Toward Gender Equality

Women and non-binary musicians are working to carve their own way in a music industry that has never seen them as equals.
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An intentionally pixelated image of a cat paw. Only Paws: A spicy bean fundraiser for the Kansas Humane Society

OnlyPaws: Humane Society Raised $8k Selling Feet Pics On Social Media

The Kansas Humane Society came up with a clever way to raise funds for their dogs and cats in need: Offering up "feet pics" in exchange for donations.
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A photo collage of the Grip Toggle and household items, a portrait of Hannah Rothstein, a person holding a costume, a close-up of an Indigenous woman, and an Indigenous man holding a staff

Grip Toggles, Drag, & Leopards - Good News This Week: May 6th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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4 of the top fiction, nonfiction, and children's books about climate change

38 Best Books About Climate Change

Immerse yourself in the best climate change books, chosen for their ability to inform, captivate, and empower readers of all ages to make a lasting positive impact.
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