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Purple and gold calendar for May awareness months, days, and weeks

May: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes (2024)

The ultimate calendar of May’s awareness days, national months, and more...
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Rory Stewart gestures with his hands on stage as he gives a speech

How to end global extreme poverty with choice & dignity — according to Rory Stewart

Former MP and UK Secretary of State for International Development, Rory Stewart recently gave a TED Talk, describing his solution to ending extreme poverty around the world.
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TED stage with screen that says TED Fellows

Meet the 11 global world-changers in the 2024 TED Fellows cohort

Representing 11 countries and five continents, and spanning disciplines like health care, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, firefighting, visual art, and more, the newest TED Fellows are building a better future.
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RuPaul stands on stage for TED Talk on red carpet in front of TED logo

RuPaul celebrates the 'power of drag' from TED stage

This year’s TED conference just kicked off in Vancouver, BC… with a slay.
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Triptych image in monochrome depicting natural disasters: a hurricane from above, an aerial view of a flooded residential area, and a barren tree in a foggy landscape.

Global death tolls from natural disasters have actually plummeted over the last century

A study from Our World in Data finds that the global death toll from natural disasters has greatly reduced since the 1900s, due to a constellation of solutions.
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A group of Korean women protest in Gwangwhamun plaza in 2018

South Korea's 4B movement is going viral — but what is it?

The 4B movement urges South Korean women to forgo marriage, dating, and childbirth in the name of fighting the patriarchy. And TikTok just found out about it.
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Red-headed musician Chappell Roan performs on stage, microphone in hand, wearing a black and pink outfit.

Chappell Roan wants your friendship bracelets — and all proceeds are going to Gaza relief

Chappell Roan encouraged fans to donate friendship bracelets at her tour merch table, reselling them to benefit Mercy-USA for Gaza relief.
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A photo collage of a Transgender flag, the Lego logo, a man carrying a large bin, sheets of paper with a forest of trees in the background, and a flatlay image of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: April 6, 2024 - Legos, Trees, & Renewables

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A collage with a monochrome image of President Biden taking a selfie with Olivia Rodrigo, flanked by more images of Olivia Rodrigo with her tongue out holding a microphone. The background is a pattern of purple grid on white, with abstract yellow and red shapes.

All the times Olivia Rodrigo showed us she's a feminist — from girlhood to the 'Guts' Tour

Olivia Rodrigo’s support of abortion funds has been celebrated, but here are all the times she’s reminded us of her feminist values over the years.
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Three screenshots of TikToks from women sharing about "micro-feminism"

'Micro-feminism' explained: This TikTok trend is fighting gender inequality in tiny ways

Creators have sparked discussions of "micro-feminism," empowering women to reclaim their power in everyday situations and challenge harmful stereotypes.
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An emotional inmate at Sonoma County jail covers his face and wipes tears as he listens to a classical quartet playing the composition he wrote.

Watch: Incarcerated composers react from prison as a string quartet brings their songs to life

In Sonoma County Jail, 11 inmates found solace and purpose in a music program, culminating in an emotional concert performed live.
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Chaotic symbols like a crying emoji, rainbow, and zig-zagging arrows accompany the words "How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad"

How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad

Experts say U.S. voters are feeling disillusioned about the upcoming election. They also say there's hope.
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