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A man in an orange vest unloads an aid delivery from a plane

Sudan Good News: 24,000 Pounds of Life-Saving Aid Deployed To 100,000 Civilians

In the midst of violent civil conflict in Sudan, global humanitarian organizations and their partners have secured a delivery of of vital aid supplies.
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Two rabbis stand for a photo with the Imam of the mosque where the funeral was held

In an Act of Solidarity, Chicago-Area Rabbis Attend Funeral of Boy Killed in Anti-Muslim Hate Crime

“The murder of a six year old because of his faith and identity is not complicated. It is a heinous crime. And that’s why we went today.”
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Diana Greene Foster gives a TED Talk on the TED stage

Study by MacArthur Fellow Grounds Abortion Debate in Data-Driven Science, Not Politics

Diana Greene Foster and her team of researchers followed 1,000 American women over the course of five years.
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A photo collage of an aerial view of a solar farm, a crowd of people at Philadelphia's National Coming Out Parade, two people sewing, a PFAS destruction unit named 'Eleanor', and a medical professional holding their phone

Good News This Week: October 14, 2023 - Healthcare, Football, & Circular Fashion

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Christine Schuler Deschryver speaking at a podium on the TED stage against a blue and purple lit background

Woman at Heart of 'City Of Joy' Documentary Turns Pain Into Power

Through her organization, City of Joy, Christine Schuler Deschryver has helped survivors of sexual violence in Congo rebuild a sense of community.
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Two hands plant seeds in the dirt, among other green grasses

Seed Keeping & Culinary Mentorships Could Restore Native Food Traditions That Have Been Under Attack for Centuries

The Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance is actively revitalizing food systems, promoting food sovereignty, and teaching cultural practices to secure a sustainable future for Native communities.
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Quote Graphic: When you see something that is not the way it should be, don’t be afraid. Speak up, speak out, be courageous. — John Lewis

77 Best John Lewis Quotes To Inspire Good Trouble

Known for his unwavering commitment to nonviolence and belief in the power of “good trouble,” Lewis inspired countless individuals to take a stand against oppression and actively shape a more just society. 
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A photo collage of a woman holding a bowl of food, a crowd of protestors, a screenshot of John Green's YouTube video, a man holding a solar panel, and 'I Voted' stickers

Good News This Week: September 23, 2023 - Lunches, Voters, & Climate Initiatives

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Hannah Ritchie stands on red stage in front of the red TED Talks logo

Hannah Ritchie of Our World in Data: On Good News & How To Make a Difference

In honor of the release of Hannah Ritchie’s TED Talk from TED 2023, we’re sharing our interview with her.
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An illustration of Earth, surrounded by a ring of symbols: A first aid kit, a water faucet, bread, a flag, a brain, a house, a pencil, a plane, and gender symbols

14 Problems in the World — And Their Potential Solutions

A roundup of some of the major challenges of our time — and reasons to be hopeful.
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