Good News About Racial Justice

Stories of hope and progress in the fight for racial justice and equality — and action steps about how to get involved and make a difference

“We are on Earth to take care of life. We are on Earth to take care of each other.” — Xiye Bastida

72 Best Earth Day Quotes for Inspiration & Action (2023)

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, may we reflect on the wise words of environmentalists, climate activists, faith leaders, lovers of nature, and the youth of the world.
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A Black man in a white shirt speaks on stage in front of a large screen

Artist Creates 'Encyclopedia of Invisibility' To Tell Lost Stories

Conceptual artist Tavares Strachan is passionate about telling "lost stories." At TED2023, he shared his "Encyclopedia of Invisibility," with over 17,000 entries of people, places, and things untold.
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A white woman wearing all black stands on the TED stage in front of an attentive audience.

Civil War Expert: How To Save & Strengthen U.S. Democracy

At TED2023, Barbara F. Walter, a civil war expert, explained how to protect and strengthen democracy and prevent civil war in the U.S.
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People protesting on the street with one of them holding a sign that says "we can do better"

50 Celebrity Activists With a History of Protesting Injustice

Despite calls for actors, athletes, musicians, and other celebrities to eschew activism to focus on entertainment, there is a long-standing precedent for famous people to leverage their platforms to enact change.
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A number of props being auctioned off by A24

A24 is Auctioning "Everything Everywhere All At Once" Props for Trans, AAPI, Mental Health Charities

The production company that made "Everything Everywhere All At Once" is auctioning off 43 props and costume pieces for charity.
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A photo collage of a car on a salted road, a group of people, a man speaking in front of kids, a solar farm, and a volunteer carrying food donations

Chosen Families, Books, & Food - Good News This Week: February 18th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Black History Month Quote Graphic: This is our national truth: America would not be America without the wealth from Black labor, without Black striving, Black ingenuity, Black resistance. — Nikole Hannah-Jones

75 Quotes To Celebrate Black History Month (2023)

We’ve curated a collection of beautiful quotes about Black history, the Black experience, and Black History Month, by prominent figures in Black history as well as today’s activists, leaders, and creators.
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A photo collage of Crystalyne Curley, a skateboarder, a porta-potty, an illustration of a broom and sparkles, and an illustration of Gemma Styles

Quidditch, Porta-Potties, & Mental Health - Good News This Week: February 4th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Nuts and bolts leaders in the Chicago civil rights movement

The 'Nuts and Bolts' Heroes Who Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible

The men and women who organized the nuts and bolts of the Civil Rights Movement may not be as well-remembered but it was they who provided its essential vision and energy.
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Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mathew Ahmann in a crowd.

50 Essential Civil Rights Speeches

A compilation of 50 essential civil rights speeches using resources including BlackPast, TED, American RadioWorks, the Obama Foundation, and various other media and educational sources.
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