Good News About Racial Justice

Stories of hope and progress in the fight for racial justice and equality — and action steps about how to get involved and make a difference

Lunar New Year Lantern

Monterey Park Lunar New Year Shooting: 10 Ways To Help

Here are some ways to turn your heartbreak and grief for the Monterey Park and AAPI community, as well as all those who have tragically been victims of gun violence, into action.
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Roller Derby, Disc Golf, and Quidditch

Niche Sports Are Championing Social Justice — Here's How

There are niche sports for almost anything you can think of, ranging from table tennis to frisbee golf to bowling.
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Black calendar on colorful background, representing African American holidays

Ultimate Calendar of Holidays of Interest To Black Americans

Your simple guide to the dozens of Black and African American days, weeks, months, holidays, and anniversaries.
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Portrait of Martin Luther King Jr in color

3 Ways To Actually Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day (2023)

It's important we don't reduce Martin Luther King Jr. Day to a “day off” or a quote on social media.
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A photo collage of a man riding a bicycle, the ozone layer, a person using a Zeen wheelchair, a man and a dog, and Ruth Reed behind a speaker's podium

Zeens, Koalas, & a Young Mayor - Good News This Week: January 14th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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MLK Quote Graphic: Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. — Martin Luther King Jr.

181 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes — Beyond the Clichés

There’s no denying that the image of Dr. King has been distorted over time to make his bold, radical message more “palatable.” But by reading his actual words, we can reconnect with his true message.
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Death Penalty Quote Graphic: “The death penalty not only takes away the life of the person strapped to the table — it takes away a little bit of the humanity in each of us.” — Clint Smith

37 Important Quotes About the Death Penalty

We’ve curated the most powerful quotes from individuals who are against the death penalty — including activists, abolitionists, political leaders, and the families of victims.
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Childhood photo of Emmett Till and cousin

Emmett Till's Cousin: The Power of Forgiving, Forgetting, and Purpose

Grappling with the question, “What does justice mean in the resolution of a cold case spanning nearly seven decades?”, Rev. Wheeler Parker Jr., Emmett’s cousin, best friend, and the sole surviving eyewitness to the events, shares his story.
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July Awareness Month Calendar

July: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes (2023)

The ultimate calendar of July’s awareness days, national months, and more...
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A group of women wearing cap and gowns for their graduation

The Immigrant Women Workers Disrupting the Cleaning Industry

How New York City’s Liberty Cleaners co-created an innovative training program that’s providing the skills to bring about their vision of the gig economy.
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