Good News About Refugees

Celebrating the good being done for refugees and by refugees.

Sharon McMahon uses Instagram to inform her community and raise money

Sharon McMahon's 'Governerds' Raise Millions to Help Others

Sharon McMahon — known as America's government teacher — leads a digital community called 'Governerds.' Together, they have raised millions to help others...
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The author grabbing a meal with other (blurred out) refugees

How To Become a Refugee in 3 Days

A voice in the dark – “wake up, we need to go.” You cannot think where you’re supposed to go at 5 a.m., you’ve worked in war zones but you were never there when the bombing started. This is how it feels you think, while finding it hard to believe that around you there’s a war.
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Anisa Ibrahim

This Somali Refugee Is Now the Director of the Clinic She Visited As A Child

Ibrahim always wanted to be a doctor, but her time as a patient in the clinic solidified those dreams. 
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A priest welcoming a refugee wearing a Ukrainian flag

Through Online Platforms, Thousands Open Their Homes to Ukraine’s Refugees

Airbnb-style home sharing is changing what it means to be displaced.
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Ukraine Good News

Hope Within the Heartbreak: Finding Good News in Ukraine

Good Good Good has worked to research, vet, and share authentic good news coming out of Ukraine.
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“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” — Paul Farmer

23 Best Paul Farmer Quotes On Justice, Doing Good, Health

In light of the tragic loss of Dr. Paul Farmer, we’re looking back on his most prolific quotes from his years as a humanitarian and a leader in global health.
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A student stands at the front of the classroom

Unaccompanied Migrant Teens Have Unique and Profound Needs. One New Orleans Teacher Created a Special School To Help Them

While English learners often require years of support to thrive in school, unaccompanied minors have special challenges.
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Hands using a sewing machine

For Some Afghan Refugees, Sewing Machines Provide Needed Sense of Normalcy

Donated sewing tools are giving newly arrived women from Afghanistan a sense of home in the U.S.
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Brazilian pastel and picanha sandwich

This Incubator Is Helping Underrepresented Food Entrepreneurs Launch Businesses

More than half of Kitchen 66 entrepreneurs are women, and recent alumni have represented Guyana, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, and Ghana.
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Tools and parts at a volunteer bike repair shop

Bike Kitchens: Community-run Repair Workshops Are Building the Culture of Cycling

Bike kitchens offer tools, second-hand parts and bikes, and convivial help with repairs. They are also hubs for community development.
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