Jan 29, 2024
9:19 am

Today's Best Good News Stories

The Good Good Good team has curated the best positive news stories to leave you feeling more hopeful about the world.

Here’s why we’re celebrating:

  • There's no shortage of good news in the world — but our brains have an internal negativity bias that encourages us to pay closer attention to bad news than good news. (Listen to our podcast interview with Dr. Rick Hanson about this.)
  • So, we have to be incredibly intentional about seeking out good news and taking the time to appreciate it.
  • Good Good Good focuses on sharing good news stories every day — both here at and via our Instagram and newsletter.
  • Here’s some meaningful good news to kickstart your day:
Kailey Thompson

Good News 01.29.2024 2

Kailey Thompson

Good News 01.29.2024 1

A Deeper Dive Into More Good News

Why Good News Matters

  • In an interview with Good Good Good, neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson said that, “Bad news sticks to our brains like velcro, and good news slides right off our brains like teflon.” We have to choose to actively seek out good news to counteract this internal negativity bias.
  • Studies have even found that looking for the good in the world helps our mental health, social cohesion, and problem-solving abilities.
  • The good news is that there’s no shortage of good news. Whether you’re passionate about animals, climate change, or good government — there’s good news worth celebrating.

Where To Find Good News