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Sharon McMahon

How to Make the World More Generous and Thoughtful with Sharon McMahon

About This Episode

This teacher has turned to Instagram to combat misinformation. Sharon McMahon — who describes herself as “America’s (not boring) government teacher” — and her highly engaged Instagram community (self-described as Governerds) — just joined forces and raised enough money to forgive $50 million in medical debt — breaking records in just a matter of days.

Sharon is a former high school government and law teacher on a mission to confront political misinformation and conspiracies. She uses her popular Instagram account to spread non-partisan information about government and democracy. Through her account and her workshops, called Government for Grownups, she teaches how to spot bias and decipher facts from conspiracies.

In this episode Sharon talks about paying attention to facts, how she carved out the best and most positive corner of the internet, and how we can actually make our country and world as thoughtful and generous as her community.

Guest: Sharon McMahon, host of Government for Grownups

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Learn more about Sharon McMahon and how her community of Governerds are raising money and making a difference.

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March 1, 2021
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