Climate Justice

The intersection between people and planet

Illustration of simple green environmental calendar

The Ultimate List of Environmental Holidays (2022)

Your simple guide to the dozens of national and international environmental awareness days, weeks, and months.
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Lines of cut trees with branches covering the floor

Regenerative Agriculture in Mexico Boosts Yields While Restoring Nature

The initiative intends to restore soil health and in the process store carbon, free up more land for conservation, and maintain jobs in rural areas.
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Eartheasy Dual Tray Worm Composter, Activists Collecting Food Waste, Emptying Compost Bin

How To Prevent Food Waste & Fight Climate Change

Food waste is a crisis that threatens people and the planet. Here are some ways to help, products to turn to, and helpers who are doing the work.
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Jane Goodall holding her new Jane Goodall barbie, Surrounded by trees

Meet the Jane Goodall Barbie Made from Recycled Plastics

Primatologist and conservationist Jane Goodall has been honored with a Barbie doll in her likeness. It's made from recycled plastics and encourages young girls to learn more about environmentalism.
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A group of indigenous activists poses for the camera

Indigenous Activists in Borneo Claim Win as Logging Firm Removes Equipment From Disputed Area

Malaysian timber giant Samling has removed logging equipment from a long-disputed area in Sarawak state’s Upper Baram Forest Area, in what the Penan Indigenous community is calling a win for forest protection.
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A farmer looks at his right side with his crop behind him

Food Deserts Are Deliberate, but Black Farmers Are Fighting Back

Fresh, affordable food produced on local, Black-owned farms is one solution to the health inequities caused by segregation and racist grocery practices.
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