Climate Justice

The intersection between people and planet

Quote Graphic: The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them. — Paul Hawken

79 Best Sustainability Quotes To Inspire Action

Whether you’re an activist, a concerned citizen, or someone curious about sustainable living — these quotes will challenge and inspire you to make choices that benefit people and planet.
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10 Environmental Victories — For and By Indigenous Communities — To Celebrate

As we stand in solidarity with Indigenous climate activists, here are just a handful of major victories from the past year.
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Basalt formation along the South Fork John Day Wild and Scenic River in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest Could Be Big Tech's New Hot Spot for Carbon Capture

Due to an abundance of basaltic rock, The Pacific Northwest is the new hub for carbon removal innovation, which is vital in the future of climate solutions.
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Illustration of simple green environmental calendar

The Ultimate List of Environmental Holidays (2023)

Your simple guide to the dozens of national and international environmental awareness days, weeks, and months.
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A digital illustration of mountains, sea, and grasslands with a sun and clouds in the sky

18 Ways To Celebrate National Public Lands Day (2023)

September 23 is National Public Lands Day! Here's a guide to celebrating and protecting America's beloved natural spaces.
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Four illustrations of dogs in outdoor gear

Conservation Dogs: How Pups Are Protecting the Planet

Conservation dogs are trained to use their superior sense of smell to sniff out threats to wild species and natural spaces.
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