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Best Good News From 2021

The Best Good News Stories From 2021

The ultimate list of the best good news stories from the year 2021.
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Elephant Herd

Reasons To Be Happy: Good Animal News from 2021

2021 may have been the year we saw the first inclinations that longtime wildlife conservation and protection efforts were really paying off: for turtles, rhinos, tigers, pandas, bald eagles, and more.
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Young native woman rides a white and brown horse through a snow-covered parking lot/campground

Water Protectors in Standing Rock Are Fighting For a Safer America

At the Standing Rock Reservation between North & South Dakota, a community of Indigenous activists is working to protect water and water systems across the U.S. They are known as Water Protectors: a group of cultural organizers who believe in the sacred nature of water and land.
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Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, an enrolled member of the Laguna Pueblo

Many Public Lands Still Have Derogatory Names — Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Is Changing That

Deb Haaland, an enrolled member of the Laguna Pueblo, said she is 'proud to be in a position' to start with a term offensive to Indigenous women on 650 different places on federal land.
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Illustration of stars

Peru’s Indigenous Tribes Are Using Tech Tools to Track Amazon Deforestation

Members of nearly 40 Indigenous communities in northern Peru were given training to use smartphone mapping apps that receive early deforestation alerts.
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A Curvy River in the Amazon Rainforest

Indigenous Groups Have Unveiled Plans To Protect 80% of the Amazon in Peru and Ecuador

A new plan called the Amazon Sacred Headwaters initiative proposes the protection of 80% of the Amazon in Peru and Ecuador by 2025, consisting of 35 million hectares (86 million acres) of rainforest.
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