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Good news about Ukraine and ways to make a positive difference

Children run around beneath a colorful parachute

Peace Through Play: Ukrainian Children Find Joy in Moldova Playrooms

The United Nations recognizes the "right to play" as a universal right in its Convention on the Rights of the Child. An NGO in Moldova is working to ensure that refugee children from Ukraine are able to exercise that right.
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A white woman with light blond hair holds a triangle over her heart. Behind her, a wall mural reads "no war."

Meet the Ukrainian Refugee Psychologists Providing Mental Health Care To Their Peers

A group of refugee psychologists is caring for the mental health of Ukrainian refugees — a position they were once in and are uniquely qualified to serve.
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A woman smiling to a dog in a cage.

Courageous Volunteers Save Hundreds of Animals in Ukraine's War Zones

Kyiv Animal Rescue Group returned for its first evacuation mission to the eastern part of Ukraine, which has been heavily shelled amid Russia's full-scale war.
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People stand outside of a destroyed apartment building in Ukraine

Building From Rubble: How To House Internally Displaced Ukrainians

There are more than eight million Ukrainians displaced within their own country — and housing is becoming a growing concern. People are banding together to creatively rebuild.
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Ukraine Helpers 2022

Helpers 2022: Celebrating the People Helping Ukraine

Every year, The Helpers Edition of the Goodnewspaper highlights inspiring helpers in a number of categories. In this post we’re celebrating helpers in the Ukraine category.
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A photo collage of activists, a TikTok video, Chloe Hayden at Harry Styles's concert, a wind turbine, and solar panels

Accessibility, Microgrids, & Wind Farms - Good News This Week: March 18th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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