146+ Animal Group Names: A Complete List From A-Z

A parliament of owls sits on a branch

When referring to a group of animals, most of us have heard of a “flock of birds,” a “murder of crows,” or a “parliament of owls” — but what about all of the other animal group names?

It turns out, there are hundreds — and we’ve curated them in this guide. (We believe we’ve compiled the most comprehensive list on the internet.)

For centuries, humans have come up with cute (and sometimes bizarre) names for gatherings of specific species. These are called “collective nouns.” 

Published in 1486, “The Book of Saint Albans” by Juliana Berners is the most commonly attributed historical source for many of these words. We’ve also included items from the U.S. Geological Survey’s resources

Some of these collective nouns are more common than others — but they’re all incredibly interesting nonetheless. We hope you’ll find this list compelling and helpful — and maybe even feel inspired to get involved and make a difference for animals

P.S. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for some bonus group names for fictional creatures. 

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Collective Nouns for Groups of Animals


Apes: a shrewdness

Asses: a pace

Badgers: a cete, a clan

Bats: a colony

Bears: a sloth, a sleuth

Boars: a singular

Buffalo: a gang, an obstinacy

Cats: a clowder, a pounce

Cattle: a drove, a herd

Deer: a herd

Dogs: pack (wild), cowardice (of curs)

Elephants: a herd, a parade

Elk: a gang

Ferrets: a business

Foxes: a leash, a skulk, an earth

Giraffes: a tower

Goats: a tribe, a trip

Gorillas: a band

Groundhogs: a coterie

Hares: a down, a husk

Hedgehogs: an array, a prickle

Hippopotamuses: a bloat

Horses: a team, harras, rag (colts), a stud (belonging to a single owner), a string (ponies)

Hounds: a cry, a mute, a pack, a kennel

Hyenas: a cackle

Kangaroos: a troop

Kittens: a kindle, a litter, an intrigue

Leopards: a leap

Lions: a pride

Martens: a richness

Moles: a labor

Monkeys: a troop, a barrel

Mice: a mischief

Mules: a pack, a span, a barren

Otters: a romp

Oxen: a team, a yoke

Pigs: a drift, a drove, a litter (young), sounder (of swine), a team, a passel (of hogs)

Porcupines: a prickle

Puppies: a litter

Raccoons: a gaze, a nursery

Rabbits: a colony, a warren, a nest, a herd (domestic), a litter (young)

Rhinoceroses: a crash

Roe Deer: a bevy

Seals: a pod, a herd

Sheep: a drove, a flock, a herd

Skunks: a surfeit, a kit (young), bucks (male), does (female)

Sloths: a snuggle (unofficial)

Squirrels: a dray, a scurry

Tigers: a streak

Whales: a pod, a gam, a herd

Wolves: a pack, a rout (when in movement), a route (when in movement)

Zebras: a zeal, a dazzle, a herd


Birds (in general): a flight (in the air), a flock (on the ground), a volary, a brace (gamebirds or waterfowl, referring to a pair or couple killed by a hunter)

Albatross: a rookery

Bitterns: a sedge

Buzzards: a wake

Bobolinks: a chain

Chicks (in general): a brood, a clutch

Coots: a cover

Cormorants: a gulp

Cranes: a sedge

Crows: a murder, a horde

Dotterel: a trip

Doves: a dule, a pitying (turtle doves)

Ducks: a brace, a flock (in flight), a raft (on water), a team, a paddling (on water), a badling

Eagles: a convocation

Falcons: a cast, a cauldron, a kettle

Finches: a charm

Flamingos: a stand

Geese: a flock, a gaggle (on the ground), a skein (in flight)

Grouse: a pack (in late season)

Gulls: a colony

Hawks: a cast, a kettle (flying in large numbers), a boil (two or more spiraling in flight)

Herons: a sedge, a siege

Jays: a party, a scold

Lapwings: a deceit

Larks: an exaltation

Mallards: a sord (in flight), a brace

Magpies: a tiding, a gulp, a murder, a charm

Nightingales: a watch

Owls: a parliament

Parrots: a company

Partridges: a covey

Peacocks: a muster, an ostentation

Pelicans: a pod, a pouch, a scoop, a squadron, a fleet (when fishing together)

Penguins: a colony, a huddle

Pheasants: a nest, a nide, a brood, a nye, a bouquet

Plovers: a congregation, a wing (in flight)

Porcupines: a prickle

Ptarmigans: a covey

Ravens: an unkindness, a flock

Rooks: a building

Quail: a bevy, a covey

Snipes: a walk, a wisp

Sparrows: a host

Starlings: a murmuration

Storks: a mustering

Swallows: a flight

Swans: a bevy, a game, a wedge (in flight)

Teals: a spring

Turkeys: a rafter, a gang

Widgeons: a company

Woodcocks: a fall

Woodpeckers: a descent

Reptiles and Amphibians:

Cobras: a quiver

Crocodiles: a bask

Frogs: an army

Lizards: a lounge

Newts: an armada

Salamanders: a herd, a congress

Toads: a knot

Turtles: a bale, a nest

Snakes: a nest

Vipers: a nest


Fish (in general): a draft, a nest, a school, a shoal  

Bass: a shoal

Blowfish: a hootie (unofficial)

Goldfish: a finny, a troubling

Herring: an army

Sharks: a shiver

Swordfish: a flotilla

Trout: a hover


Ants: a colony

Bees: a grist, hive, a swarm

Butterflies: a kaleidoscope, a flutter

Caterpillars: an army

Clams: a bed

Crabs: a consortium 

Cockroaches: an intrusion

Flies: a business

Gnats: a cloud, a horde

Grasshoppers: a cloud

Hornets: a nest

Jellyfish: a smack

Lobsters: at risk 

Locusts: a plague

Oysters: a bed

Snails: a hood, a rout, a walk, an escargatoire

Spiders: a cluster, a clutter

Squids: an audience


Just for fun, here are the collective nouns for a few fictional creatures… 

Griffins: a senate

Hippogriffs: a fulsome

Mermaids: a gossip

Sasquatches: a yearning

Unicorns: a blessing

Wookies: a grove

Yetis: a flurry

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