19 Green Living Websites You Need To Bookmark

Screenshots of 3 green living websites: Going Zero Waste, Melanin & Sustainable Style, and Treehugger

As the impacts of climate change continue to be felt across the world, there has never been a more important time to take action and adopt a more sustainable way of living. 

However, for many people, making the shift to green living can feel overwhelming and inaccessible — especially with so much information and advice out there on how to do it “right.” 

The good news is that there are bloggers and content creators out there who have made it their mission to change that narrative. 

From sustainable fashion and eco-friendly home and gardening tips to plant-based living and ethical consumerism, these blogs cover a wide range of topics related to green living. 

By providing practical advice, product recommendations, and engaging content, they offer a helping hand to those looking to embark on their green-living journeys. 

These content creators play an important role in educating and empowering us to take action toward creating a more sustainable, vibrant future for all.

We’ve gathered some of the most dedicated and talented eco-activists out there who are providing intersectional tools, resources, and inspiration for people looking to reduce their environmental impact and make positive changes in their daily lives.

Green Living Websites for Ethical and Sustainable Living

Sustainably Chic

Homepage of Sustainable Chic Showcasing Their Sustainable Fashion Articles

Sustainably Chic is a go-to destination for those looking to incorporate sustainable fashion, green beauty, and an eco-lifestyle into their lives. Launched in 2014, its founder Natalie Kay Costello has established herself as a leading voice in the slow fashion and sustainability movements. 

She offers a fresh perspective on the garment industry and delves into the latest trends and styles that align with responsible fashion practices.

The Sustainably Chic community is made up of conscious consumers and fashion enthusiasts who share Costello’s belief in investing in people and the environment to make a positive impact. 

What’s good: 

  • New to the world of sustainable fashion? Check out Costello’s in-depth sustainable fashion guide to help answer your questions!
  • Easily find brands that are making the fashion industry cleaner, greener, and fairer place through the Sustainable Brand Directory.  
  • A big piece of sustainable fashion is making sure we’re mindful of what we already own. This means understanding where our clothes go when we no longer want them anymore. Sustainably Chic offers articles (like this one!) to help you make sense of what to do.

The Good Trade

Homepage of The Good Trade Showcasing their Mindful Living Articles

The Good Trade is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle media company that provides its community with articles on ethical fashion brands, sustainable beauty products, wellness tips, and eco-friendly lifestyle choices. 

The site strives to feature voices and perspectives from underrepresented communities and highlight brands and individuals prioritizing social and environmental justice. 

What’s good:

  • For those looking for short-and-sweet green living content, The Good Trade delivers daily newsletters with soothing playlists, sustainability tips, and inspiring articles straight to your inbox. 
  • From bed sheets to couches to sunscreen, read through The Good Trade’s eco-friendly product reviews for insights on the best sustainable and mindfully made options out there.  
  • A great way to incorporate green living is by literally starting in your own backyard. We love to see alternative options to the traditional (and often inefficient) grass lawns. 

Melanin & Sustainable Style

Homepage of Melanin Showcasing Their Featured Environment Articles

Melanin & Sustainable Style promotes ethical living, sustainability, and diversity. Founder Dominique Drakeford is dedicated to celebrating holistic wellness and empowering communities of color. 

The blog focuses on the intersection between the ethical and sustainable world and the experience of communities of color, helping build a more inclusive range of voices within the green living space. Melanin & Sustainable Style features interviews with ethical brands owned by BIPOC women and shares thoughtfully curated content on non-toxic style, sustainable beauty, and self-care.

What’s good: 

  • Melanin & Sustainable Style focuses on exploring green living, mental health, and empowerment for women of color. We love the authentic stories (like Blk Girls Green House) being highlighted.
  • Learn more about these beautifully illustrated flashcards of Black, Latinx, and Afro-Indigenous "hidden" leaders redefining sustainability & youth development.
  • Discover other eco-conscious folks out there (like this Black-owned farm inspiring Black women, femme, and queer farmers) by scrolling through the site’s archive. 

Good Good Good

Webpage of GoodGoodGood Website Showing Their Latest Articles About Good News For The Environment

Here at Good Good Good we’re pretty passionate about sharing real good news and stories. While we cover a range of topics, a good chunk of them are centered around the importance of sustainability and green living — and how people like yourself can take action.

Our team works hard to highlight inspiring individuals, organizations, and initiatives making a difference in the fight against climate change, as well as provide practical tips, and resources (like this one you’re reading!) for living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

What’s good:


Webpage of Ecocult Showcasing Their Featured Brands

If you’re looking for more information around sustainable, ethical, and non-toxic fashion, beauty, and home recommendations, EcoCult will be right up your alley. 

Its editor, Alden Wicker, is a passionate voice in the green living movement and provides practical ways to make conscious living easier. Whether she’s visiting artisans around the world or researching affordable ways to shop ethically, the award-winning journalist offers valuable knowledge and expertise for those looking to live more sustainably.

What’s good:

  • Looking for deep dives into the sustainability world? Check out some of the many book recommendation articles EcoCult has about all things ethical and sustainable fashion — or learn more about what makes a “healthy household.” 
  • Discover sustainable swaps or eco-conscious gift recommendations that help support the planet. 

Pick Up Limes

Webpage of Pick Up Limes Featuring Their Latest Articles about Health And Nutrition

Pick Up Limes is a great go-to for plant-based recipes, tips on healthy eating, minimalism, mindfulness, and sustainable living. 

Sadia Badiei — a registered dietitian and nutritionist — and her team feature accessible tools like grocery shopping lists, cooking tutorials, and self-care tips. 

Her approach to nutrition is grounded in science and focuses on a balanced and sustainable approach to healthy eating and living.

What’s good:


Webpage of Adimay Showcasing Their Latest Articles in Sustainability

ADIMAY by Aditi Mayer examines the intersections between sustainability, style, and social justice. Mayer’s efforts to promote diversity and elevate women of color in sustainable spaces offer curious readers the opportunity to take a deeper look at sustainability through another lens. 

Her work as an Indian-American activist advocating for garment workers’ rights in Los Angeles makes her a prominent figure in the sustainable fashion industry — we’re also obsessed with her style!

What’s good: 

Reading My Tea Leaves

Webpage of Reading My Tea Leaves Showcasing their Latest Articles About Recycling

Reading My Tea Leaves is like taking a sip of a warm cup of tea on a cozy afternoon — comforting, delightful, and relaxing. With a focus on slow living, this whimsical blog covers topics like home organization, cooking, sustainable fashion, and raising children in an eco-friendly way. 

Erin Boyle, a mom of two living in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, shares her adventures in discovering DIY decor projects, minimalist living tips, and natural beauty essentials.

What’s good:

  • Boyle documents her family’s journey of living simply, sustainably, and seasonally — in a small space. From simple birthday parties to tiny gifts for grown-ups, she’s got great insight and advice on where to start. 
  • If you love a good DIY project, Boyle offers some great, minimalist ideas. 


Webpage of Treehugger ShowcasingTheir Latest Articles about Health And Beauty

Treehugger is a sustainability-for-all-focused website that provides news, advice, and resources for people interested in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

The site covers topics from green living and home design to renewable energy and climate change. Treehugger is known for its engaging and informative content, as well as its community of readers who are passionate about sustainability. 

What’s good: 


Webpage of EcoWatch Showcasing Their Latest Articles About the Climate

EcoWatch is made up of a community of experts publishing science-based content on environmental issues, causes, and solutions for a healthier planet. You can find content ranging from breaking news to in-depth analysis, as well as videos and podcasts. 

The site provides a platform for scientists, journalists, and environmentalists to share news and information on critical environmental issues facing the planet. 

What’s good: 

Sustainable Jungle

Webpage of Sustainable Jungle Showcasing Their Articles About Zero Waste

Sustainable Jungle is a mission-driven blog that covers topics like zero waste living, eco-friendly travel, sustainable fashion, and green beauty. They provide practical tips and advice for reducing our environmental impact, as well as reviews of sustainable products and companies.

The website also features personal stories and interviews with people who have made significant changes to live more sustainably. 

What’s good:

  • Sustainable Jungle is a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning they commit to giving away 1% of revenue earned to highly vetted environmental nonprofit organizations.
  • If you’re hungry for more information, Sustainable Jungle also has a podcast that you can dive into. They cover all things sustainability and green living and interview a diverse group of professionals. 
  • Learn more about green technology and how we can begin consuming and using it more sustainably.

Zero Waste Home

Homepage of Zero Waste Home Showcasing Bea Jhonson Holding Jar of Recyclable Materials

Webpage of Sustainable Jungle Showcasing Their Articles About Zero Waste

Bea Johnson, also known as “the mother of the zero waste movement,” transformed her home into a global movement in 2008 by introducing the trash jar — a small container she uses to fit her family’s annual garbage. (Check out what her trash jars have looked like throughout the years!)

Johnson’s blog, Zero Waste Home, is an informative and easy-to-use platform that has inspired a community of zero waste enthusiasts worldwide. From zero waste kitchen hacks to plastic-free travel and sustainable fashion choices, Johnson covers a wide range of topics that are both helpful and inspiring.

What’s good:

  • Johnson offers a free starter guide to waste-free living with over 100 tips on slowly eliminating waste in your home. 
  • Zero Waste Home” by none other than Johnson herself is a great comprehensive resource on zero waste and green living. It’s been translated into 28 languages!
  • Locate your closest package-free location by accessing their Bulk Finder app!

Going Zero Waste

Homepage of Going Zero Waste Featuring Kathryn The Founder of Going Zero Waste Playing With Her Dog

In 2015, Kathryn Kellogg’s health scare became a catalyst for her to spread awareness about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle — and its impact on the environment. She began her blog, Going Zero Waste, as a platform to offer simple and practical guidance on how to adopt a zero waste lifestyle for everyday living (including beauty, travel, and food tips).

As a National Geographic spokesperson and Chief Sustainability Officer at the One Movement, Kellogg continues to advocate for plastic-free living. Her book “101 Ways to Go Zero Waste” provides readers with an easy-to-follow roadmap to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

What’s good: 

  • Kellogg does a great job of breaking down some of the most impactful ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Some of us don’t have access to bulk bins in our area. Going Zero Waste shows us how to work around that barrier.  
  • If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of zero waste living, this 31-day challenge is a great stepping stone!  

Sustainable Baddie

Webpage of Sustainable Baddie Showcasing their Latest Articles About Sustainable Lifestyles

Sustainable Baddie is a sustainable lifestyle blog founded by fashion and sustainability influencer Jazmine Rogers (you might know her as @thatcurlytop on Instagram). The blog aims to focus on imperfect sustainable fashion and living. 

Sustainable Baddie creates space for hope in a climate-anxious world through creativity and style while providing sustainable lifestyle advice from diverse voices. 

What’s good:

  • The Sustainable Baddie centers diverse voices within the sustainability movement – you’ll lose track of time reading through their fun (and informative) articles. We personally love their Sustainable Baddie of the Week series
  • More celebration, less pressure to be perfect! This site celebrates all the small steps we can take to make this planet habitable. Check out this article on free and easy sustainable swaps to get you started. 


Webpage of Insteading Featuring A Blog Post Titled 'Homestead Stories: Growing Vegetables Indoors'

Insteading is a go-to resource for anyone seeking practical tips and advice on eco-friendly living, gardening, and DIY projects that promote a low-impact lifestyle. The blog is dedicated to offering readers actionable steps they can take to reduce their environmental footprint and become more self-sufficient.

Whether you’re a seasoned homesteader or just starting out on your sustainable living journey, Insteading has something for everyone.

What’s good: 

Browngirl Green

Webpage of Browgirl Green Featuring a Blogpost: 'The Privigilege Problem: How Green Living Can Be Inaccessible & Exclusionary'

Kristy Drutman, also known as “Browngirl Green,” is a passionate youth climate activist focusing on the intersection of media, diversity, and environmentalism. 

Drutman’s blog covers personal stories, calls-to-action, and content around sustainability and diversity in the environmental movement that can inspire anyone to stop what they’re doing and take action. 

What’s good: 

  • Browngirl Green is really good about keeping well-known movements (like the green living movement) accountable. She often challenges organizers and those a part of the movements to be more inclusive and accessible to all
  • Drutman is also the co-founder of the Green Jobs Board, a climate tech start-up bridging the equity and inclusion gap within the green economy through conversations, resources, and pathways to bring more diverse talent into the environmental field.

Queer Brown Vegan 

Webpage of Queer Brown Vegan Showcasing their Latest Press Articles about Climate Activism

Queer Brown Vegan (aka Isaias Hernandez) is a Latine and queer environmentalist who uses his platform to educate his online community about environmental issues, ranging from agriculture and food waste, to race and labor in the environmentalist movement. 

Through the lens of his lived experience, Hernandez highlights the immediate challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, helping to elevate their voices in the conversation. 

What’s good: 

  • Hernandez provides LGBTQ+ and BIPOC-informed resources on vegan living (like why there’s a lack of diversity in veganism) and ways you can advocate for marginalized communities. 
  • His presence on his blog and social media helps bring together climate activists from all backgrounds to learn, unlearn, and relearn — while finding solidarity in their shared mission to create a more sustainable future.

Sustainably Kind Living

Webpage of Sustainable King Living Showcasing Their Latest Articles About Non-Toxic Living

Whether you’re a seasoned eco-warrior or a newbie just dipping your toes into the green living pool, Sustainably Kind Living is a great resource to help you on your green living journey.

From tips on reducing waste in your daily life to recipes for delicious, plant-based meals, this fun blog is full of resources for both adults and kiddos to help them live their best, most sustainable lives. 

What’s good: 

  • You can learn so much just by scrolling through the library of blog posts, which include non-toxic living, sustainable fashion, and family and kids. 
  • Access free eco-guides to help you make sense of where to start and what to swap out. 

The Green Hub

Webpage of The Green Hub Showcasing Their Latest Articles About Sustainable Living

The Green Hub is an Australian sustainable living blog with resources on sustainable living and ethical consumerism — including climate action, plastic-free living, fashion, clean beauty, travel, and more. 

With pages upon pages of articles, guides, and product recommendations, this site provides its community with a gold mine of tips and tricks to leading a green lifestyle.

What’s good:

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