9 Sustainability Newsletters To Help Combat Climate Change

Sustainability newsletters, including Heated and the Goodnewsletter

In a continuously evolving world, it’s tough (and, yes, overwhelming) to keep track of the latest news, insights, and tools available to us — especially when it comes to the climate movement. 

When climate change is consistently left out of relevant reporting or centered around climate doom, it's hard to truly grasp the actual state of our planet and how we can help. 

And though scouring the internet for factual, hopeful news is definitely one way to stay in the loop, it can quickly become a second job. That’s where newsletters come in. 

These weekly (sometimes daily) digests do all the hard investigative work for you!

So, whether you want to understand climate change, struggling to stay hopeful, or need assistance finding resources to help you make a difference within your own corner of the world, there’s a sustainability newsletter for you. 

We’ve gathered some of the most informative and inspiring email newsletters seeking to support fellow environmentalists.

By the way, some of the links in this article may be affiliate links — which simply means we may get to make money at no cost to you. As always, all our recommendations are genuine, unbiased, and based on our actual experiences. Thanks for your support!

Looking for more great newsletters? Explore our curated list of the best newsletters on the internet.

Climate Change Newsletters Helping Us Stay Informed — and Hopeful 

Inside the Movement

Solar keeps the lights on but world leaders go dark / Inside the Movement newsletter

Inside the Movement is a weekly newsletter and actionable toolkit helping people stay informed with the latest videos, research, and stories about the climate movement. 

Each week, Inside the Movement gathers the most significant news and resources out there for its subscribers to learn and take action. 

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How journalists uncovered power companies' ploy to buy the press - Emily Atkin article

HEATED is a weekly newsletter that equips subscribers with the knowledge needed to help understand and combat climate change. Climate journalist Emily Atkins unmasks the role that some industries (ahem, fossil fuel, we’re looking at you) continue to play to block climate action. Through original reporting and investigations, Atkins exposes and explains the forces behind past and present inaction — and how to press on.

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‍Changeletter by Soapbox Project

How to fly if you care about the earth - Soapbox Project Changeletter newsletter

Changeletter by Soapbox Project is a bite-sized, actionable sustainability newsletter for climate change advocates who want to make a difference on issues like climate change but don't know how and where to start. 

This weekly newsletter sends 3-minute (seriously, only three minutes!) climate action plans on a monthly topic, which are broken down into simple micro steps (Read, Listen, Act, and Reflect) to inspire subscribers to keep fighting. 

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Unwrinkling Roundup

Unwrinkling Roundup is a newsletter focused on the intersection of fashion, the environment, ethics, and faith (with some poetry peppered in!). Written by independent reporter Whitney Bauck — who contributes to the Financial Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more — this newsletter uses unconventional angles to report on all things fashion, climate, and religion.

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The Goodnewsletter

Good News: Solar power is getting more affordable and accessible - The Goodnewsletter

Well, of course, we have to include our free daily email, The Goodnewsletter, on this list! Our team of good news journalists gathers, reports, and shares the top good news stories of the day — an overwhelming about being centered around climate optimism. 

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Pathfinder: Uplifting Climate Stories

Water We Doing About Climate Change? I’ve had the Home Depot theme song stuck in my head all week and to find out why, keep reading. We’re only two weeks into 2023, and climate action is already ramping up! Stay tuned to learn what Indonesia is doing to help a critically endangered species, why selling water leases for the Colorado River basin is a good thing, how the Big Apple is going electric, and more! Indonesia Moves To Help Endangered Dolphins 😊  The Good News - Indonesia is set to ban fishing with gill nets on a stretch of the Mahakam River because the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin often gets caught in them. This stretch of river is home to 90% of Indonesia’s Irrawaddy dolphin population, and the local fishing industry is in support of the move.  🥾  Follow This Path - We often forget that we can protect the environment while reaping its benefits, but true sustainability is good for the people, planet, and pocket. This proposed ban is a great example of it — the Irrawaddy dolphin gets protected without severely impacting the livelihood of so many who live along the shores of the Mahakam River.

Pathfinder: Uplifting Climate Stories is a weekly newsletter spotlighting good climate news and the steps we can take towards caring for our planet. 

Written by scientist and climate communicator, Alaina Wood (you might know her as @thegarbagequeen on TikTok or Instagram), this newsletter gathers the most important weekly stories in climate while inspiring a safer, healthier, and more just world.

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Volts Newsletter: Thanks for reading Volts. Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see more of, at david@volts.wtf.   		  JAN 18 An energy provider attempts to achieve 24/7 clean energy A conversation with Jan Pepper of Peninsula Clean Energy. Listen · 51M	   	DAVID ROBERTS	 		 		 	 Back in November of 2021, I did a series of stories and podcasts on the hottest new trend in clean energy: attempting to achieve not just 100 percent clean energy but 24/7 clean energy, ie, clean energy at every hour of every day.  For reasons explained at length in those pieces, 24/7 is a much more difficult goal. Offsetting 100 percent of your energy use with clean energy mainly involves buying bulk wind and solar wherever and whenever they are cheapest. But matching your energy use with clean energy on an hourly basis means finding sources that can cover for wind and solar when they are not available.

Volts is a Substack newsletter highlighting clean energy news and its intersection with politics. Twice a week (give or take), climate journalist David Roberts tracks the latest policy changes, trade publications, and research reports, as well as shares exclusive interviews with industry professionals. 

While many are (rightfully) overwhelmed with the state of our planet and politics, Roberts’s newsletter reminds its subscribers: the transition away from fossil fuels to clean, carbon-free energy is underway — and it is accelerating every day.

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Climate Brief

Text from Climate Brief newsletter: 🤮 Greenwashing week  Every year, as Earth Day approaches, companies once again dole out sustainability pledges like candy. But not all are genuine.  Here’s a few tips on how to evaluate climate pledges:  Look for transparency: Companies should be transparent about their climate commitments and provide clear information about what their pledges entail. Check if the company shares its environmental data and participates in initiatives like the CDP (Climate Disclosure Project) or the Net Zero Tracker.  Understand the terms: Pay attention to the terms used by the company, such as "net zero" or "carbon neutral," and understand their meanings. Net zero means that a company will not emit more greenhouse gases than it can offset or remove from the atmosphere, while carbon neutral usually refers to only zeroing out

Climate Brief is a weekly newsletter that focuses on the transition to clean energy in the United States and around the world.

In five minutes or less, get an overview of what matters in climate business, tech, and policy — with the opportunity to dive deeper on the topics you’re most interested in.

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Refind newsletter: 	 To get off fossil fuels, America is going to need a lot more electricians grist · ~17 min read / listen Homeowners in California are struggling to find electricians. The shortage does not bode well for efforts to "electrify everything."

Refind is a dynamic newsletter that curates personalized content based on your interests. While you can pick any topics for Refind to deliver to your inbox, they have some incredible pre-curated themes around renewable energy, nature, climate change, and future cities.

As you click on articles you find interesting, Refind’s algorithm does all the hard work of finding more articles and videos they know you’ll like from experts in relevant fields — helping subscribers become a little more informed about themselves and inspired by the world around them. 

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