TikTok-Viral Tune ‘If I Were A Fish’ is Now a Picture Book

Screenshots of Corook and Olivia Barton, and their book cover for "If I Were A Fish"

Indie singer Corook (also known as Corinne Savage) and their partner Olivia Barton took the world by storm this spring when they debuted their song “If I Were A Fish” on TikTok.

The catchy, uplifting song came from a place of healing, as Corook “was having a very emotional day, feeling insecure and out of place,” as they wrote in the video’s original caption. 

Writing the song as a means to work through those feelings and “remember the joy in being different,” TikTok caught the hook — literally and figuratively. Users across the globe sang, danced, and reposted the song and its delightful lyrics.

“If I were a fish and you caught me, you’d say ‘look at that fish’ / shimmering in the sun / such a rare one / can’t believe that you caught one.”

Now, the whimsical song is being turned into a picture book.

"If I Were A Fish" by Corook and Olivia Barton, illustrated by Mike Curato
Photo courtesy of MacMillan

Corook and Barton announced the book with a video posted on August 29, showing off a colorful cover by illustrator Mike Curato, which depicts Corook looking into a fish bowl to find their gilled-companion wearing a matching green hat. 

The book’s author credits go to both Barton and Corook, who created the lyrics of the song together. In the video announcing the book, they were giddy, giggling as they tried to share the news.

“There are no words,” Corook begins.

Barton smiles at them, sighing.

TikTok screenshot of Corook and Olivia Barton. "If I Were A Fish is now a picture book"
The duo announced the book in a TikTok video. Photo courtesy of Corook/TikTok

“It’s for anybody that has been touched by this song and just for anybody that feels a little bit different in the world, which I think is all of us,” Corook continues. “It’s for kids, and it’s for inner children, and it’s for adults.”

The book is now available to pre-order through publisher MacMillan.

“From the musicians and viral TikTok creators of ‘If I Were A Fish,’ Corook and Olivia Barton, comes a picture book adaptation of their silly song with a serious message for everyone who’s ever had to navigate the highs and lows of the internet,” the book’s web page reads. 

“This inspiring song about surrounding yourself with the people that make you the happiest is a timely reminder that it’s always best to be yourself.”  

"If I was scrolling through and I saw me, flopping around and singing my song, I'd say 'wow they're cute' and sing along!" accompanied by an illustration of Corook and fish
A preview of a page in "If I Were A Fish," illustrated by Mike Curato. Photo courtesy of MacMillan

Of course, just like the song, TikTok users responded with glee.

“I will use this for work,” one user wrote in the comment section of the announcement video. “I’m a music therapist!”

“OUR SONG OF THE SUMMER!!” another added, emphasized with caps-lock. “All the kids [are] getting them for Christmas.”

“This song helped me so much during my first weeks of being a mumma,” someone else shared. “We will treasure this book!” 

“If I Were A Fish” is available for pre-order now through its release on December 5, 2023. 

Read the full lyrics to “If I Were A Fish”

Header images courtesy of Corook and MacMillan

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