14 Semicolon Tattoo Ideas To Give You Hope


As a writer, reader, and mental health advocate, discovering the meaningful metaphor behind the semicolon was a game-changer.

Beyond its use in a pre-emoji-era winking face, a semicolon is used to piece together two complete sentences that are related; this essentially signals to a reader that even though an idea might seem like it’s over, there’s still more on the way. 

See how I did it there? ;)

It’s not difficult, then, to see the metaphor that brings hope to many who face depression, suicidal ideation, or any mental health challenge: Even if  your story feels like it’s over, there is more to come if you keep reading. 

In fact, this idea has inspired an entire organization: Project Semicolon. The organization’s mission is to prevent the loss of life by suicide, offering resources and reliable information for a myriad of mental health conditions. 

Whether you’re someone who has found hope through this global community, experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide, or you’ve simply been touched by the profound meaning of a semicolon, you might find yourself considering a tattoo of this special symbol.

Whether you’re trying to raise awareness, provide a small piece of hope and resilience for yourself, or add to your collection of mental health tattoos, we’re sure there’s a piece of art that will help you tell — and own — your story with love.

Here are the best semicolon tattoo ideas for your next time in the chair:

Explore these ideas for variations of semicolon tattoos —

Simple Semicolon

i got my first tattoo today and the main inspiration is the one and only  @selenagomez .  a semicolon symbolizes mental health and especially anxiety for me. also it stands for the fact i’ve grown up and i’m not a teen anymore.  i closed a chapter and now i’m restarting a new one✨

Semicolon Heart On a Finger

Yaay, no longer a tattoo virgin.   Got this semicolon tattoo used in the mental health community for solidarity and strength. It shows that even when you think your life is ending, by adding a semicolon, the story is not yet over.   #suicidepreventionmonth

Semicolon Smiley Face

This tattoo and the semi colon represents me overcoming my depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. It represents my story not ending. If you want to get to know me and my story regarding my mental health journey check out my podcast! (link in my bio). #endthestigma

Serotonin Semicolon

talking about depression has been one of the hardest and best things i could have done for my mental health, normalizing that depression will be around but easier to navigate. this tattoo is always a reminder that i didn’t lose to suicidal thoughts  #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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Cross Semicolon

Got tat #2 today. The semi colon is a solitary symbol for mental health. & the ✝️represents my faith in God. I’ve been struggling with my depression, so this tattoo is a reminder that my story isn’t over & to keep pushing! Also, like I always say, prioritize your mental health!

Infinity Semicolon

To remind myself that life should last an infinity and my bads days are only a moment in time.

Lotus Semicolon

New tattoo in support of suicide prevention and mental health. A semi-colon representing continuity of life. Lotus flower for strength and resilience. #mentalhealthmatters #yourlifematters

Butterfly Semicolon

So Jenna did this today.  I'm so proud of her because she has been thinking about this tattoo a long time. Jenna is a advocate 4 suicide prevention & mental health awareness & the semicolon symbolizes them. This means so much to her and I really admire her compassion & heart ❤🙏

Colorful Butterfly Semicolon

A semicolon butterfly tattoo, my story is not over yet. honoring those whose story ended too soon and serving as a reminder to do no harm.  #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #semicolon  #semicolontattoo #semicolonbutterfly, #semic… https://instagr.am/reel/Cmb5TujvqlJ/

Bipolar Disorder Semicolon

Got my first tattoo yesterday, it's a mental health tattoo representing my struggles with bipolar disorder. I chose to get the tattoo on my hand so that it would be highly visible - so that anyone else living with bpd wouldn't feel so alone. https://instagr.am/p/CNf2xuDBxNt/


I love my new tattoo. Anxiety & depression awareness. #twloha #warrior #semicolon

Rose Semicolon

tw/// mental health   after 3 years since my battle with severe depression... I finally got a tattoo to show that I overcame it. Before I was ashamed to say I attempted suicide but it's a part of my story. This tattoo says "I made it through one of the darkest times in my life"

Penguin Semicolon

I’ve been wanting a tattoo for the semicolon movement as a survivor of #depression & a penguin because, well, I’m certain I was a penguin in my last life. Thank you @AnumAsi for designing the perfect 2 in 1 for me ❤️


Inspire others- even when you can't inspire yourself. Anxiety Awareness tattoo

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