Gifts That Do Good: Niche Gifts for Your Niche Friends

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Have a friend on your gift list who is really eco-conscious? Or who is always telling you about that great new thing they just learned on their favorite podcast? Or who has an Instagram for their pet?

These niche-gift guides are for them!

We found the best niche items that do good and are perfect for the niche loved one in your life.

Inside This Guide You'll Find Gift Recommendations For:

Your Workout Friends
Your Pet-Loving Friends
Your Friend Who's Always Learning
Your Environmentalist Friend
Your Friend With Kids

Each product listed was independently curated by the Good Good Good team. Some of the links we include may be affiliate links, which means that Good Good Good may earn a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Gifts For Your Friend Into Health & Wellness

From mindfulness to movement — your friend loves taking care of their mind and body!

Since they likely appreciate all their body does for them, they’d love a thoughtful gift that encourages them in their ongoing health and wellness journey. 

Bala One-Pound Weighted Bangle Set


Lavender-colored bangle weights

Bala’s weighted bangle set adds resistance to any of your daily workouts. The bangle set is made to be placed on your wrists or ankles, all to provide a healthy challenge to your fitness routine.

The bangle is also made intentionally for every body type.

Oko’s Herbal Yoga Mat


A woman wearing white yoga outfit holds up a tan-colored woven yoga mat

Oko’s Herbal Yoga Mat is hand-loomed with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, and it’s 100% biodegradable — perfect for your eco-friendly friends who love yoga.

These unique mats also offer a new level of comfort for your morning or evening stretches — with an all-natural production and wellness-promoting mission.

Product (RED) Apple Watch


An apple watch with a red band and red metal watch face border with the clock display showing

Product (RED) Apple Watch & Band are great options for your Apple-product-loving friends who also want to do good.

(RED) partners with iconic brands to raise awareness and funds to fight one of the world’s biggest health emergencies: HIV/AIDS. Most recently, it also helped fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Every (RED) product purchased goes to support these causes.

And if your friend already has an Apple Watch, but you still want to support (RED) — get them the Product (RED) Sport Loop Band to accessorize and do good.

Gifts For Your Friend Who Loves Their Pet

For your friend that has a photo of their pet as their phone’s lock screen, brings them up in conversation at least 3 times, and treats them like a member of the family.

Give a gift that shows you think of their pet like family, too. 

PS: We just created an updated version of this article: The Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Tuft & Paw Frond Cat Tree


A photo of a cat tower with 3 wooden round levels and rope around the middle tower.

Tuft & Paw Frond Cat Tree is a modern take on cat trees. This product is customizable and adjustable, so that your cat is enjoying it as much as you are watching them.

These cat trees are also ethically made, meaning they’re approved by cat behaviorists. Not only are these trees loved deeply by their customers, they’re also loved by cats.

Wild One Dog Toy Kit


Three purple rubber dog toys on a white backdrop: One triangle with a white rope attached, one zig-zag shaped tug toy, and one ball-shaped toy.

Wild One Dog Toy Kit is a perfect gift for dogs to chew, tug, toss, and play with. Wild One makes this toy kit with 100% natural rubber and cotton so that it’s sustainably made without sacrificing its durability.

These kits include three different types of toys to keep your dogs entertained and wanting to keep playing. In fact, all of their dog products are really thoughtfully made, so your purchase is good news for dogs and good news for the planet.

Hemp Ball Dog Toy


A ball made of thick strands of brown rope with blue, pink, and green colors woven in.

Hemp Ball Dog Toy is made from recycled cotton and harvested hemp, making it sustainable and great for playtime with your dog.

The tough fibers used to make this ball makes it durable enough to last a long time — check out this affordable gift!

Gifts For Your Friend Who is Always Learning

They have an audiobook subscription, are your go-to for podcast recommendations, probably started a new hobby this winter, and live by Maya Angelou’s quote, “When you know better, you do better.”

For your friend who is always learning something new, they’ll love a gift that helps fuel their desire to learn.



A red ribbon wrapped around two black envelopes with cards enclosed. On the cards are photos of Gordon Ramsey teaching cooking, Annie Liebovitz teaching photography, and a basketball player.

MasterClass offers classes from "the world's best". Learn politics from former U.S. presidents and secretaries of state. Learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay. Learn business leadership from Starbucks' Howard Shultz.

Masterclass lets you access courses in food, arts and entertainment, music, writing, and so much more. If you have a knowledge-seeking friend, this is the perfect gift for them.

Plus, right now (holiday season of 2021) MasterClass is offering 2 memberships for the price of 1. This means you can get your friend a membership – and then keep a free one for yourself.



A screenshot of a skillshare class in session, teaching drawing. The rest of the classes are listed to the right of the video.

Skillshare offers a library full of award-winning classes on a range of topics — especially in creative fields. For a monthly subscription, you can access an unlimited amount of classes.

You can purchase a gift card or sign up your friend (or yourself) for a class as a gift! (You can get started exploring and watching classes by signing up for a free trial.)



Overhead photo of the Goodnewspaper sitting on a side table. The cover reads 'Real Good News."

Oh hey, it’s us! We’ve found that when it comes to learning new things — often, it’s hard to find information and stories about progress.

So, your friend who is always learning might not learn about all the good going on around the world ​​— and all the Helpers making a real difference.

The Goodnewspaper is filled with stories about hope and progress they might have missed, and includes action steps for ways they can get involved and make a difference. 

Ramona and Ruth Daily Overview Notepad


A product image of the first page of a daily overview planner.

This daily overview notepad from Ramona and Ruth helps you conquer each day as it comes. Each page lets you break down your daily tasks into an organized list.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your daily routine and to-do list, here’s one way to start feeling a little more at peace.

Gifts For Your Earth Lover Friend

Your go-to for the best eco-friendly product recommendations, the latest on what’s happening with climate policy, and help with living more sustainably, give your friend a gift that deepens their love for planet earth.

Go Lightly: How To Travel Without Hurting The Planet by Nina Karnikowski

(Amazon) (Bookshop)

The cover of the book "Go Lightly: How to travel without hurting the planet." The cover has a drawing of a woman wearing a red coat, beanie, and backpack holding a map. She's standing on a mountain peak with trees around her.

The book includes eco-friendly activities and substitutes for harmful ones. If you want to travel without increasing your carbon footprint, check out this guide to environmentally-conscious living.

Parks Projects' National Parks of The USA Checklist Poster


A black and white poster titled "National Parks of the USA: Explore & Protect" hangs from two binder clips and string. On the poster, the names of all the national parks in the U.S. are listed.

The Parks Projects' National Parks of The USA Checklist Poster offers a list of all U.S. national parks and supports them with every purchase.

With every dollar spent, Park Projects donates their proceeds to the National Parks Conservation Association, which works to preserve and protect public land.

You can explore more national parks gifts in our gift guide.

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

(Amazon) (Bookshop) (

An image of the "Braiding Sweetgrass" book cover. The cover features a closeup image of braided sweetgrass.

This is the perfect guide to the teachings of Indigenous communities. The author, Robin Wall Kimmerer, uses her knowledge as an Indigenous scientist to make us more ecologically conscious of our actions.

This is a great gift for those who want to live a more environmentally-friendly life, driven by BIPOC communities.

The Sill Plant Parent Set 


Three plants in terra cotta-colored planters sit on a white table with grey background.

If someone you know is (or if you are!) growing into a plant-parent-to-be, The Sill Plant Parent Set is a collection of low-maintenance plants to get you started.

The Sill is POC-owned and aims to make plants more accessible for public use, while helping you nurture what is Earth’s most precious facet — nature.

Uncommon Goods' Living Composter


A white base and cork cover with three holes sits on a countertop with subway tile backsplash.

Uncommon Goods' Living Composter turns food scraps into fertilizer. That means whatever foods you don’t finish, you can repurpose into nature.

The composter, made from recycled plastic, processes over two pounds of food a week and can be spread around your plants or gardens to help them grow. 

Gifts For Your Friend With Kids

Gifts that do a lot of good, for your friend with a little one!

A Kids Book About


Three books titled, "A Kids Book About Climate Change", "A Kids Book About Empathy", and "A Kids Book About Racism."

A Kids Book About is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the world. These topics for kids include antiracism, anxiety, safety, and empathy.

If you know someone who wants to help their kids learn more about themselves and the world they live in, consider gifting A Kids Book About. 

Black Futures Matter Lined Notebook


A spiral bound notebook with a red cover and cursive text that reads "Your future is brighter than you'll ever know!"

Black Futures Matter Lined Notebook is designed by a BIPOC-owned business and a staple for community empowerment. The notebook has “your future is brighter than you’ll ever know” written across it, sending a message of encouragement to Black youth.

In addition, 100% of the profit made is split between the artist of this design and the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective. 

Violet the Fawn Hand-Knit Doll

Regular: $79.00 | Little: $59.00

Two knit stuffed deer animals, one larger and one smaller, wearing a light pink tank top and lavender shorts.

Violet the Fawn Hand-Knit Doll helps feed kids all across the world. For every purchase made of these smiling fawn dolls, 10 meals will be provided to children in North America and across the world.

Made with fair trade and handmade care, this is the perfect doll to gift.

Loom Parent-Child Journal


A journal with a dark teal binding and light teal cover. It has a white jacket enclosure that reads "Loom journal."

Loom Parent-Child Journal helps create a healthy dialogue between parents and children. The journal is filled with thoughtful prompts that improve reading, writing, and communication skills in adults and their kids.

If you know a parent who’s looking to hear more from their child, this journal can do the job.

Check out more of our gift guides to find ethical products that give back and make a difference → Good Good Good Gift Guides

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