Zero Waste Reddit: 16 Best Subreddits About Climate Change

Zero Waste on Reddit: Live With A Lower Impact / Eating vegan is the most effective way to combat climate change, says largest-ever food production analyst

If you're looking for a way to make a difference for the earth, one of the best things you can do is become an active participant in the online environmentalist community.

There are tons of great subreddits where you can learn about ways to reduce your environmental impact, connect with other people who care about the planet, and get involved in environmental activism.

Here are our recommendations on the best subreddits on Reddit that can help you learn how to be more sustainable, reduce your waste output, and care for Earth.

If you want to learn from a community of fellow environmentalists, join these sustainability subreddits about anticonsumption, composting, eco-activism, and more.

Zero Waste on Reddit: Live With A Lower Impact / Eating vegan is the most effective way to combat climate change, says largest-ever food production analyst
r/ZeroWaste on Reddit


r/ZeroWaste is about helping you reduce your waste. This community focuses on living zero waste (finding ways to live without producing any garbage or recycling) by reducing plastic and other single-use items, recycling properly, composting, upcycling (finding creative uses for trash that might otherwise end up in the landfill), and practicing anti-consumerism.


Unlike r/ZeroWaste, r/LowWaste focuses on reducing your waste, not eliminating it entirely. Where r/ZeroWaste focuses on the more extreme end of living with less trash, r/LowWaste is about finding ways to reduce your output by making better individual decisions.

This community is about being conscious of the products you buy, how much they cost, and what kind of impact they have on the environment.

I've found that by following both r/ZeroWaste and r/LowWaste, I get a nice balance in my Reddit front page.


As perhaps the largest environmental subreddit, r/environment is a must-join subreddit. This subreddit focuses on news articles about environmental issues, but it can also function as a hub for discussions about current events, environmental disasters, the effects of climate change, and other related issues.

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for environmental news, this is the subreddit for you.


r/vegan is a community where Redditors can come together to discuss being vegan. Vegans are often among the most sustainable people out there because they don't contribute to animal agriculture, which is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases on the planet. Whether you are considering going vegan, are currently vegan, or have been vegan for many years, this subreddit has something for everyone.


This community is a collaborative effort between /r/ZeroWaste and /r/Vegan! The goal of this subreddit is to create a connection between two communities that are doing their part to help the environment. Both of these subreddits have members who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, so why not join forces?


A low-impact lifestyle is all about reducing the environmental impact of your daily life. This subreddit is committed to helping you think critically about the decisions you make during your daily routine.

Many of these discussions are focused on finding ways to live sustainable, healthy lives without consuming excess waste or energy. If you're looking for a more environmentally-conscious interpretation of what it means to be "green," check out this subreddit.

composting subreddit: crash course / newbie guide a comprehensive guide of what you can and cannot compost
r/composting on Reddit


This subreddit provides you with all the resources you need to get started with reducing food waste and composting, whether that just means adding scraps around your house or turning it into an entire composting operation. It will also provide you with the motivation and inspiration to continue composting over time. The ongoing discussions are great, but honestly, the average person can get a lot of value from just their two pinned posts: Crash Course/Newbie Guide and A comprehensive guide of what you can and cannot compost.


r/sustainability is a Reddit community that was created with the goal of creating a hub where Redditors could easily find all sorts of information related to going green, reducing waste, and saving planet Earth. It's a big enough community that it consistently has new content — but not too big that it attracts trolls or moves too quickly. Great for self-starters who want to make a difference but aren't sure where to start!


Anticonsumption is about reducing your impact on the environment by refraining from overconsumption. While it's important to shop sustainably when you do need to buy something, the reality is that the most sustainable thing you can do is not buy new things. By refraining from overconsumption, even if it means buying used items rather than new ones, you can have a big impact on the environment.


This is another great subreddit for those seeking to align their actions with their values. Describing it as a positive version of r/anticonsumption, one Reddit user said, "Both subs share a very similar idea: the need to reduce consumption and to embrace a simpler life. But the posts you see on those subs are quite different. On r/Anticonsumption you'll find mostly critics of the current system and angering screenshots of articles / posts. It's usually very negative while r/simpleliving posts are usually much more positive because they usually are about success or advice."


A little bit different from other subreddits, r/Envirotech focuses on environmental technologies. This includes any tech that can help to improve the environment, like new methods of recycling waste, improved solar panels, sustainable building material innovations, etc. Perfect for nerds and those who want to learn from them.


If you're looking for news on climate action, look no further than r/ClimateActionPlan. From policy, to innovation, to activism, this subreddit is full of posts about all the work being done to "combat/mitigate and or adapt to climate change". Whether you're looking for news, or are trying to figure out what you can do to help, this subreddit is a great place to start.

Extinction Rebellion subreddit screenshot
r/ExtinctionRebellion on Reddit


Extinction Rebellion is a non-violent direct action group that was formed to address the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. Many concerned citizens have joined this movement, including Redditors. This subreddit is all about getting involved with Extinction Rebellion, learning more about it, and joining forces to make real change in the world.


While the idea of guerilla gardening has been around for a long time, it's recently grown in popularity thanks to TikTok and Reddit. This subreddit is full of people farming and gardening on public land, and discussing their flourishing projects.

"Guerrilla gardening is gardening on another person's land without permission, making your city more beautiful to live in," they describe. "We cultivate land, where we're not supposed to"

If you want to explore the history of guerilla gardening, see it in action in communities around the world, and learn what to expect when you get started, check out r/GuerrillaGardening.


r/RenewableEnergy is a subreddit for anyone who wants to learn about renewable energy sources, sustainable technologies, and ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.


Similarly, r/Solar is a community for Redditors who are interested in solar power technology, advancements, and initiatives. This includes things like stories about the latest solar products, DIY tutorials on how to create your own energy-harvesting setups, and updates on government policies that support renewable energy choices.


While this subreddit isn't explicitly about the environment, it is one of the best sources for positive and hopeful news stories — and one of our favorite uplifting news subreddits. This subreddit frequently features stories about successful efforts to save the planet and its inhabitants, and those who are working to make a change for the better. As you're fighting to make the world a better place, it's important you keep an eye out for environmental good news to help you maintain a sense of hopefulness as you work. (That's what we're all about at Good Good Good.)

Reddit is full of brilliant, passionate people who are committed to helping the planet and saving the world. Caring for the environment is an important part of our lives, and it's nice to have a place online where you can talk about your influences, passions, and ideas with others who care just as much. Whether

Check out these amazing subreddits — and then join in on the conversation!

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