Reddit Uplifting News: 8 Best Wholesome Subreddits

Good News Subreddit on Reddit

If you're looking for a little uplifting news, look no further than Reddit. (We’re not joking!) There are dozens of subreddits devoted to uplifting news and stories, and, as experts on good news, we've compiled some of the best subreddits here. 

Featuring everything from stories of human progress to inspiring personal accomplishments, these subreddits will make you smile and give you hope for the future.

The Best Good News Subreddits on Reddit:


Uplifting News subreddit, with posts including "Spain makes it a crime for pro-lifers to harass people outside abortion clinics" and "House passes bill to federally decriminalize marijuana"

r/UpliftingNews is one of the most well-known subreddits on all of Reddit — and with more than 17.9 million members, it’s hands-down the largest positive news subreddit.

The subreddit’s mods have a pretty strict policy about what kinds of posts they allow on the subreddit. They only allow articles from established, authoritative, trustworthy news sources to be published, and they’re effective at ensuring that duplicate content is removed.

On top of that, its only two rules are effectively: 1. “Don’t be a dick” (which is an official rule), and 2. “This subreddit is meant to be a place free of excessive cynicism, negativity and bitterness. Toxic attitudes are not welcome here.” (which is auto-posted by a moderation bot on every article).

The result of all of this is that r/UpliftingNews is one of the best sources of good news on the internet. If something good happens in the world, you’re likely to find it here. And if there’s nuance to be found, you’ll see it being hashed out fairly respectfully in the comments.


Good News subreddit, with post about "After years of struggling with depression, anxiety, trichotillomania, and OCD, I wrote a poetry book about it" "feel-good news"

This subreddit is a lot like r/UpliftingNews in that they’re popular, have a decent amount of moderation, and they’re a source for good news.

But what sets them apart is that they allow good news to be posted from more sources, they allow people to share their own personal positive news (like achieving a mental health goal), and they use flairs to filter the topics of posts.

Flair options on r/ goodnews: Feel-good news, paying it forward, volunteer power, prepare to shed ears, building bridges, game-changing concepts, positive trends

The topics (flairs) that are usually posted in this Subreddit are:

  • “Feel-good news”
  • “Paying it forward”
  • “Volunteer power”
  • “Prepare to shed tears”
  • “Building bridges”
  • “Game-changing concepts”
  • “Positive trends”


Uplifting Trends on Reddit, with the post: "NYC has massively cut its water use in the last 30 years: ince 1990, NYC added 1.5m residents & reduced total consumption by 500m gallons/day, a 45% reduction in per-capita H20 usage."

While this subreddit is much less popular than any of the previously mentioned subreddits, it’s one of our favorites. It highlights data and stories that show the positive progress the world has made over time.

They describe their mission as sharing “trends that indicate some area of the world getting better over time. E.g. uplifting data about poverty reduction, or lower mortality rates from disease, or reforestation, and so on. Anything that makes the world better in a steady, deep way.” 

(We love positive data! Check out our article on how the world is getting better.)


Humans Being Bros on Reddit, with the post "Congo nun overcomes blackouts by building hydroelectric plant for her community"

If you’re looking for wholesome content about humans making a difference, look no further. r/HumansBeingBros is centered around videos, gifs, and images of humans making the world a brighter place. And with 3.5 million members, there’s a seemingly never-ending number of new posts. You won’t find much news here, but you will find plenty of inspiration.


Made Me Smile on Reddit, with the post "After 16 years of homelessness I finally have my own place"

With 5.3 million members, r/MadeMeSmile is a blend between r/HumansBeingBros and r/GoodNews. It has a good number of uplifting personal stories and wholesome videos — and also highlights some positive news in current events. The community’s rules (like “no ragebaiting” and “don’t be a jerk” help keep the community positive.


Puplifting News on Reddit: A place for puplifting news. No cats allowed.

This subreddit is exactly what it sounds like: An unlimited supply of good news about dogs. (No cats allowed!) Unlike some of the other positive meme and video subreddits, r/PupliftingNews is actually exclusively news stories — which we love! Instead of feel-good news, this subreddit is full of real good news. 

Find us sharing our favorite good news stories about dogs on this subreddit all day.

r/WholesomeMemes & r/Wholesome

Wholesome Memes on Reddit

No list would be complete without these famous subreddits. While not exactly focused on good news, these two heartfelt subreddits are filled with positivity and will leave you feeling hopeful about the good that people can do for one another.

(We love wholesome memes! Explore our list of our team's favorites)

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