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Wan Faridah Akmal Jusoh speaks on the TED stage, a photo of a firefly projected behind her

Climate Change is Killing Fireflies; Here’s Why (and How) We Should Protect Them

Fireflies play a crucial role in ecosystems around the world but are on the decline. Fortunately, there’s still time to preserve them for future generations before they blink out forever.
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Colorful illustration of a group of sheep around a pumpkin

This is the Best Way To Toss Your Pumpkins After Halloween, According To Sustainability Experts

An array of options exist, and a landfill doesn’t need to be its final resting place.
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A photo collage of a man wearing a shirt that says 'The world is not better without you', a puffin, a tuberculosis test machine, the front of a train, and a New York University flag

Good News This Week: September 16, 2023 - Dogs, Puffins, & Renewable Energy

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A man in a neon yellow vest pets a dog next to a pile of rubble

Morocco Good News: Meet One Rescue Team — And Their Dogs — Saving Lives After Earthquake

A Spain-based rescue organization drove through the night to reach victims of Morocco's recent earthquake.
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A photo collage of a man pushing a cart, a close-up image of a bird, a view of a mountain and a lake, and a group of female construction workers huddled around a floor plan

Good News This Week: September 9, 2023 - Turtles, Birds, & Women's Health

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A pride of lions in nature

30 Highest-Rated Nature Documentaries To Stream

We’ve put together a list of the top-rated nature documentaries of all time based on IMDb user ratings. Consideration went to documentaries and single-season documentary miniseries focused on plants, animals, or the environment.
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The Becerra family posing for the camera

Meet the Mexican Family Who Gave Up Fishing To Monitor & Rescue Sea Turtles

The Kino Bay Turtle Group is made up of a family of former fishers in northwestern Mexico that keeps a close watch on sea turtles, monitoring and rescuing any that become entangled and educating the public about their importance.
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Illustration of Antarctica on globe

Ariel Waldman: Good News & Ways To Help Antarctica

TED speaker, NASA advisor, and National Geographic Explorer Ariel Waldman breaks down the common misunderstandings about Antarctica, the biggest problems the continent faces, and how we can take action now.
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Photos of a dog and a baby deer, to represent how to help animals

37 Best Ways To Help Animals in Need

Whether it’s shelter pets, homeless or abandoned pets, wild animals, or your own pet that you’re passionate about, we’ve rounded up dozens of ways you can make a difference.
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A cat sits in a cat cave, a white dog sits on a sidewalk, and a white dog with brown ears sits on a wood floor

42 Best Sustainable Pet Products for Dogs & Cats (2023)

Let's face it: We all spoil our pets. But it's important to consider our carbon paw prints when we do so. Here is a roundup of the best sustainable pet products out there!
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