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A boy sitting while watching on a mobile phone

25 Highest Rated Kids Movies About the Environment

There is a way to start conversations with children about our relationship with nature, hopefully leading to questions about human influence, delicate ecosystems needing protection, and climate change, all with deserved and informed hopefulness.
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A synthetic leopard fur lipatelo is tied around a man's waist

How Synthetic Furs are Saving African Leopards and Cultural Traditions

The Saving Spots initiative has helped triple the leopard population in southern Africa, all through switching to the use of synthetic furs in cultural ceremonies.
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An illustration of a US Park Service ranger hat in front of iconic national parks and a golden sunset

20 Ways To Celebrate National Park Week (2023)

National Park Week is an annual celebration in April dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of America's national parks. Here are some ways to celebrate the week-long event.
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“We are on Earth to take care of life. We are on Earth to take care of each other.” — Xiye Bastida

71 Best Earth Day Quotes for Inspiration & Action (2023)

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, may we reflect on the wise words of environmentalists, climate activists, faith leaders, lovers of nature, and the youth of the world.
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Earth Day! (with an illustrated, colorful planet earth in between the two words)

33 Ideas To Meaningfully Celebrate Earth Day (2023)

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. We’ve put together the best ideas and activities to help you meaningfully celebrate it...
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An Indian tiger in the wild

Reviving the Roar: India's Tiger Population Is On the Rise

Delve into the uplifting story of India's Project Tiger, celebrating 50 years of tireless efforts to save these magnificent animals from the brink of extinction.
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Colorful awareness calendar for pet holidays

Ultimate Calendar of Pet & Veterinary Holidays (2023)

Your simple guide to the dozens of national and international pet awareness days, weeks, and months.
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Illustration of dogs, cats, bunnies, and other pets

9 Best Ideas To Celebrate National Pet Day (2023) 

Unleash your love for pets on National Pet Day! Discover ways to give back, pamper your furry companions, and promote the health of all animals in need.
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A bunch of vegetarian fast food options from different drive thru restaurants

The Ultimate Guide To Vegetarian Fast Food Options

Craving plant-based options on the go? Explore our complete guide to the best vegetarian fast food finds across America’s most popular chains.
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A photo collage of a Daniel Radcliffe, a crowd in front of the Tennessee State Capitol building, a food forest, Keith Lee, and two women

Good News This Week - Cheetahs, TikTok, & Food Forests - April 8 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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