Hands-On Review: Maude Lubes (2024)

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Maude makes thoughtfully designed sexual wellness essentials, all with quality, simplicity, and inclusivity in mind. Their products are beginner-friendly, safe, and functional, no matter who you're getting intimate with (yourself included).

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A hand holds up an amber bottle of lube from Maude
This article is sponsored by Maude

Let’s be real: Sexual lubricant can make or break an intimate moment. And, we’re not always even taught that lube can be an option when it comes to pleasure.

So, consider me a little wary of the “aesthetic” bottle of lube from Maude I was seeing all over Instagram — that could easily become a fixture on your nightstand with your guests being none the wiser. 

But, as part of an ongoing series on body-safe and sustainable sex and intimacy products, and my full exploration of the best eco-friendly lubes on the market, I was eager to jump into Maude’s line of lubricants. 

For this article, we broke down Maude’s line of lube products to help you find items that feel good on your body and feel good for the earth. 

In other articles, we’ve reviewed almost every one of Maude’s products: Review of Maude’s Sex Toys | Review of Maude’s Self-Care & Sexual Wellness Products 

We know it’s important to consider the planet with our everyday purchases, but it’s also important to make sure those products are right for you. We’ll give you some more insights into Maude’s business practices, our experience with its lubricants, and what might be the best pick for you.

Editor’s Note: We partnered with Maude for this article — with the goal of helping our readers understand the brand’s products and pick the best one(s) for them. 

Maude paid a fee to help us bring this article to life and sent our writer, Sam, a few sample products to try out. Additionally, some links in this article are affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission on any purchases you make at no extra cost to you.

However, this article was written independently by Sam, without oversight, talking points, or feedback from the brand. These are Sam’s honest opinions. 

Why choose Maude? 

Maude is popular for its minimal, picturesque design, but I believe it turns people into brand loyalists by being high-quality and inclusive. It’s clear the company values inclusivity, and is also in the business of taking care of the planet by championing sustainable and ethical business practices.  

As a non-binary person, I really appreciated not feeling like my gender was at the forefront of any marketing, like other sexual wellness brands. 

I also really value that Maude makes products that are made with safe ingredients for the body and planet alike. 

I adore that Maude is a woman-owned and POC-owned brand and I was eager to review all of its products to see if they are just as pleasing as their aesthetic. 

Inclusive & Body-Safe

Maude’s ethos, purpose, and philosophy is not only simple; it’s front and center on the website. Maude says: “The sexual wellness industry has historically been gendered, exclusive, and unapproachable. When imagining what a modern intimacy brand could be, we prioritized gender, age, and body inclusion.” 

This priority comes through in gender-inclusive language in product descriptions, diverse representation on the website, and beginner-friendly products. 

Not only does this make the brand feel safe, but its products themselves are body-safe by using no parabens or skin irritants, and instead opting for gentle formulations that include IFRA-approved fragrances, and FDA-grade and REACH-passed silicone that are tested for safety and quality.

Sustainably & Ethically Made

Maude has also opted against unnecessary secondary packaging and product inserts where possible. Having received a few goodies now, I can confirm that the brand’s packages arrive in simple, discreet packaging that can be recycled. 

Additionally, most of the packaging is made from pre- and post-consumer recycled content and is recyclable with standard curbside recycling programs or designated recycling facilities. 

Shipping cartons are locally manufactured with 7% pre-consumer recycled content & 39% post-consumer recycled content with a total recycled content of 46%.

Destigmatizing Sex and Intimacy

Ultimately, something I really look for in a sexual wellness brand is the work it does to break down stigmas around sex and intimacy. 

I really appreciate that Maude designs products that are just so beautiful you can leave them right on your nightstand — as opposed to something you feel like you have to hide away.

Maude also shares sexual wellness resources on its blog, The Maudern, including content surrounding topics like having sex as we age, breaking down STI stigma, the cultural history of pubic hair, and beginner’s guides to things such as role play

Lastly, the brand also partners with SIECUS (Sex Ed for Social Change), and Advocates for Youth to support comprehensive sex education standards through advocacy, educational curriculum, and accessibility across the country.

This wealth of knowledge and resources makes Maude not only a brand offering high-quality products, but makes it a true sexual wellness brand that is committed to holistic pleasure.

Some of these links may lead to mature content. Additionally, consult your doctor if you have any allergies or issues with products. 

Our honest review of Maude’s lube line

Maude Shine Organic Personal Lubricant

An amber bottle of lube with a pump cap
Photo courtesy of Maude

Here’s how Maude describes Shine (Organic): Made with moisturizing aloe, our 100% natural lubricant is organic and ultra-hydrating. The gentle pH-balanced formula is free from glycerin and parabens and manufactured to the ideal osmolality for the body. *Can be used with devices and condoms. 

→ Check out Shine Organic from Maude

Our review: I was a big fan of Shine Organic. Full-transparency: the first time I ever tried it, I did experience some stinging, but I did use it a second time, and that went away. This is a great reminder that if something irritates you — even if it’s marketed as a safe item — to stop using it. There’s no shame in doing what’s best and most comfortable for your body.

That said, I waited a while to see if I was just having some other irritation when I experienced the stinging, and I haven’t experienced it since. I like how light this lube feels, but did find that I needed to re-apply the longer I went. I didn’t find it feeling sticky, which is really what I look for in a lube. 

A hand holds up a bottle of Maude's organic shine lubricant
Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good
As close to natural as it gets

I am extremely sensitive to any kind of lube so, as I noted before, I did experience some stinging, but that could have been user error or just my own sensitivity, because I’ve never experienced it since. 

It really does feel as natural as it gets and doesn’t feel overly sticky, which is my least favorite sensation in a lube.

A hefty price tag for a smaller amount

For only eight ounces, you’re paying $25, but reviews do say that a little goes a long way so it may last a while for some. I personally found that I had to reapply, so I’m not sure it will last me as long as others, but I do think it’s worth it in the end.

Maude Shine Silicone Personal Lubricant

A hand holds up a bottle of Maude's Shine Silicone lube
Photo courtesy of Maude

Here’s how Maude describes Shine (Silicone): This paraben-free, FDA-approved formula enhances the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity with long-lasting lubrication. This hypoallergenic formula is odorless and non-sticky and is compatible with condoms and can be used underwater. Reapply as desired. *Do not use with silicone toys.

→ Check out the Shine Silicone from Maude

Our review: When you’re looking for a lube for skin-on-skin intimacy or non-silicone toys, Shine Silicone lube is my go-to. It feels light, smooth, and slippery. My favorite part, though, is the fact that none of the Shine products upset my pH balance.

Two small bottles of Maude's silicone lube sit on a white countertop
Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good
Slippery, not sticky

Much like Shine Organic, Shine Silicone doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind like some of the other lubes I’ve tried. I did find the silicone lube lasted a tad longer in terms of “slipperiness” than the organic version did, so maybe experiment with what works best. 

Can’t be used with silicone toys

If you’re looking for a lube to use for your sex toys, stay away from Shine Silicone. Silicone lube slowly degrades silicone toys over time. However, if you find you’re sensitive to aloe-based lubes and are just looking for some lube to use with non-silicone toys or just use during skin-to-skin contact, silicone lube can be a good alternative.

Maude Heat Warming Water-Based Personal Lubricant

A hand holds up a bottle of Maude's heat lubricant
Photo courtesy of Maude

Here’s how Maude describes Heat: Made with a water-based formula, our pH-balanced warming lubricant provides added stimulation. Heat is formulated with a low concentration of capsaicin, and can be used to create a gentle warming sensation that builds with motion. Heat is safe for internal and external use. *Can be used with silicone devices and latex and polyisoprene condoms. 

→ Check out Heat from Maude

Our review: Heat is meant to create exactly what it says… heat. While creating the extra slippery environment that lube brings to the table, Maude added a warming element of capsaicin, which is the active compound in chili peppers. Personally, I found it to be more irritating than pleasurable, but the heat is definitely nice at first!

Although my vagina is just too sensitive for any long-term sensation, Heat may still be a very pleasurable option for others!

A bottle of Maude's heat lubricant sits beside a green box
Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good
Can introduce a different sensation

Introducing Heat can be a great way to incorporate a different sensation into your sex life, and a lube with capsaicin is maybe one of the safer ways to do that, so if you’re looking to switch it up and add some temperature play into routine, Heat is a great option.

Possibly irritating 

Heat is not recommended to those prone to herpes outbreaks, yeast infections, or bacterial vaginosis. I am pretty sensitive to anything that isn’t as close to “natural” as possible, so I don’t love warming lubes. But I get the allure!

In Summary

At the end of the day, I do think Maude lives up to the hype! Its products are well-made, safe for the body, and user-friendly. Among the lubes I tested out, my favorite was definitely Shine Silicone, but Shine Organic certainly does not disappoint.

While I would pass on Heat Lubricant for my own sensitivities, I definitely understand the appeal and think it could make a great, pleasurable addition for others. 

While I may be weary of the “aesthetic” Instagram ads, I believe Maude lives up to its reputation and is affordable enough that it really is accessible for those looking to dive into a thoughtful and inclusive sexual wellness brand.

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