11 Eco-Friendly Lubes for a Sustainable Sex Life (2024)

The following article contains information that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. Discretion is advised.

Playground's pink "Love Sesh" bottle, a hand holding "shine" by maude, and toca by toto

Sexual lubricant is one of those things we’re not always taught is an option when it comes to getting intimate — but it’s an important tool we can use while exploring pleasure to make the whole experience more enjoyable. 

Not only can lube be used for penetration, it is also great for foreplay, massage, or any other sensual touch. However, when exploring what lubes are out there, we can be overwhelmed with options. 

Plus, just like any product you buy in relation to your sex life, it’s important that it is safe for your body and is a catalyst for pleasure — not pain. Better yet, these products should be safe for the environment, as well. 

To make it a little easier — and help you feel even better — we’ve researched the best eco-friendly, all-natural lubes that feel good on the body — and on the planet, too. 

Note: Please be mindful of any allergies or physical limitations when using these products. Consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. 

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What to look for in safe & sustainable lubricants

When researching eco-friendly lubes, myself and the editorial team at Good Good Good researched items that were body-safe, made with non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients, part of an ethical production cycle — and designed to help you feel good. 

Here’s a little bit more about the metrics we considered — and that you should consider — when browsing all the lube options out there: 

Types of Lubes

Coconut oil, aloe, silicone, water-based… it can start to get a little overwhelming when you read some of the ingredient lists on the back of bottles, but we’re here to break it down:

Coconut Oil-Based Lube

Studies have shown that coconut oil is generally a safe option for lube due to its moisturizing properties. Yay! 

While coconut oil-based lubricant may be a good option for some, there are some drawbacks. Oil-based lubes are not compatible with latex, condoms, and silicone, so be mindful when choosing your lube based on what activity you’re partaking in. 

The goal is to find the sweet spot (wink, wink) between pleasure and safety. 

Aloe-Based Lube

Aloe can be another wonderful, natural alternative to something like silicone (one of the more common ingredients in lubes) and just as effective. However, aloe may be more thick and viscous compared to other lubricants — and some may have an aloe allergy to be cautious of. 

If you don’t mind those things, aloe may be a good, long-lasting alternative, especially if you’re looking to avoid anything oil-based and want something you can use with condoms and toys.

Water-Based Lube

When in doubt, use water-based lubricants. They are easy to clean off your body and bedding, can be gentle (if the lube is free of fragrance and irritants), and are condom- and toy-safe. 

However, some say that water-based lubricants don’t last as long as others and may become sticky after use. 

Silicone-Based Lube

While some people may like silicone-based lubes for their slipperiness, there are a few reasons to stay away from them — and why you won’t see any silicone-based lubes on this list. 

First, scientists are concerned about the build-up of silicone in the environment, where it can be found hanging out in soil, plants, and even krill. Silicone-based lubricants are also not often safe for sex toys, as well.


Now that you have the lube primer under your belt (another wink, wink), let’s chat about what we should be mindful of when it comes to other ingredients. 

It’s important to know whether the ingredients used in a lube are going to mess up pH balances, break down sex toys, or are safe for vaginal, oral, and anal safe. Are there parabens? Glycerin? What even are DEAs and PEGs? It matters what we put in our body and we are sussing it all out. 

Parabens, which are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetics, can cause ecological harm such as killing coral and have been detected in surface waters, fish, and sediments. Parabens can also contribute to endocrine disruption, reproductive harm, cancer, and skin irritation

Glycerin or glycerol, which are moisturizing agents, are found in many lubricants, and some research suggests that high amounts can damage or irritate cells in the vagina and rectum. Data also suggests that glycerin may increase the transmission of STIs and may be linked to bacterial vaginosis and yeast.

Diethanolamine (DEA) and diethanolamine-related ingredients function as emulsifiers or foaming agents in cosmetics, or to adjust a product's pH or acidity. 

According to the FDA, the National Toxicology Program (NTP) completed a study in 1998 that found an association between the topical application of DEA and certain DEA-related ingredients and cancer in laboratory animals. 

The NTP study did not establish a link between DEA and the risk of cancer in humans. However, consumers may still choose to avoid products using DEA ingredients. 

PEGs, or polyethylene glycols, are petroleum-based compounds that are widely used in cosmetics as thickeners, solvents, softeners, and moisture-carriers. Similar to DEAs, PEGs and PEG derivatives were generally regulated as safe for use in cosmetics, with the conditions that impurities and by-products (which are known carcinogenic materials) should be removed before they are mixed in cosmetic formulations. 

Phew, that was a lot of info! Are we all STEM scholars now?

At the end of the day, when figuring out what is best for our bodies and the environment, we’re looking for products that are free of parabens, glycerin, and are just overall natural (think aloe or other organic ingredients) and free of irritants (pH balanced and fragrance-free). 

Remember to check ingredients for anything you may be allergic to and know that some lubes can contain fragrances of flavors that may not be compatible with all sexual activity.

Plus, when it comes to packaging, it’s best to find products that use recycled or recyclable materials to keep the plastic at an overall minimum.


When looking for eco-friendly lube, we’re not just interested in what’s in the bottle, but who’s selling it. Some things to look out for with a sustainable brand include sustainability commitments, certifications, ethical labor and distribution philosophies, and more. 

When it comes to specific products, we’re looking for characteristics like vegan, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, and of course, if the lube itself is eco-friendly.


Some people may argue that eco-friendly alternatives don’t always work as well as the more “traditional” lubes, but we’re here to debunk that. 

While it may take a little bit of trial and error to find your go-to eco-friendly lube, just know that there are lots of awesome sexual wellness experts out there prioritizing quality — without sustainability efforts getting in the way of that. 

Our reviews of the best non-toxic, eco-friendly lube

The brands you see listed in this section sent members of our team some sample products to review for this article. (Our reviews are always honest. Receiving free products for testing never impacts our writing — and brands don’t have any influence on our writing or editorial process.) 

shine from maude

A hand holds up an amber bottle of Shine personal lubricant
Photo courtesy of maude

What’s good: Maude is a sexual wellness brand passionate about sustainability

For starters, when it comes to packaging, the brand uses locally manufactured shipping cartons with 7% pre-consumer recycled content and 39% post-consumer recycled content with a total recycled content of 46%. 

Outside of sustainability, the company works with a number of nonprofit partners to support comprehensive sex education standards across the country. Through partnerships with SIECUS (Sex Ed for Social Change), Advocates for Youth, and Peer Health Exchange, maude supports advocacy, educational curriculum, and accessibility for sex education nationwide. 

Ingredients: Made with moisturizing aloe, maude’s 100% natural lubricant, shine, has a gentle pH-balanced formula, is free from glycerin and parabens, and can be used with toys. 

Shine is completely scent-, color, and taste-free; totally vegan, organic, and paraben-free. Sounds like a dream to us!

Our review:

A hand holds a bottle of shine lubricant next to its green box.
Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good

Container: Like all things maude, shine comes in a beautiful amber bottle with minimal design touches. While the bottle comes with a flip top that may frustrate some users, it also comes with an easy pump you can switch out for easy access when you need it, so it really is a “choose your own adventure” moment. 

Additionally, the bottle doesn’t scream “I’m a lube bottle!” so if it’s something you want to keep on your nightstand, it can fit in perfectly — almost disguised as a bottle of fancy lotion.

Texture & feel: Out of all the lubes I’ve tried, shine keeps its “slipperiness” the longest. By this, I mean it doesn’t go stick or tacky after a bit of friction being introduced, and it’s wonderfully light so you don’t feel like you’re glopping anything on. It is just about as close to your natural… wetness as you can get.

A hand squirts a pump of lube from a maude shine bottle
shine felt smooth and light. Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good

User experience: I’d definitely consider myself a big fan of shine, though, for full transparency, the first time I ever tried it, I did experience some stinging. That said, I did use it a second time and that sensation went away. 

It’s always important that if something irritates you, stop using it, but I waited a while to see if I was just having some other irritation when I experienced the stinging. I haven’t experienced it since. 

Lastly, I really like how light this lube feels, but I did find that I needed to re-apply the longer I went. However, I didn’t find it feeling sticky, which is really what I look for in a lube. 

→ Get shine: maude | Sephora | Amazon

Explore our full review of all maude lubes

Aloe Lube from Dame

Dame's aloe lube is in a blue bottle, next to a blue box
Photo courtesy of Dame

What’s good: While Dame doesn’t have explicit sustainability information on its website, the company was founded by two women: one a sexologist and the other an MIT engineer, which makes us feel confident in its use of non-toxic and body-safe materials.

Additionally, Dame is vocal about its commitment to ending the “pleasure gap,” — the fact that women are less satisfied with sexual activity than their male counterparts. 

Dame’s aloe-based lubricant is made with organic plant-extracts.

Ingredients: Dame’s Aloe Lube is a water-based lubricant formulated with organic aloe vera, green tea, oat, flax and hemp that rinses off with water. 

It is safe to use with toys and most condoms, and has a pH balance that leaves natural vaginal acidity levels undisrupted. The Aloe Lube is also free of glycerin, parabens, hormones and sugars. We promise: you don’t need anything extra sweet down there. 

Our review:

A royal blue box sits next to a blue bottle of Dame's aloe lube
Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good

Container: Arriving in a beautiful blue container with delicate design touches, the Aloe Lube from Dame comes with a pump top you can recycle. It’s another one that you can fit beautifully on a bedside table or vanity because of its clean, chic design.

Texture & Feel: The lube was a little thicker than I was expecting, but overall, it still felt nice and light. 

A hand pumps a bit of Dame's aloe lube out of the bottle
Dame's Aloe Lube was slick and light, although slightly thicker than I was expecting. Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good

User experience: I generally find that I need a little extra lube, but I found this kept things pretty slick for a nice amount of time. When paired with their Com wand, I didn’t feel sticky and was able to clean up with ease.

Other thoughts: Dame notes that this lube has a shelf-life of 12 months, so make sure that if you haven’t used it all by a year, you clean out and recycle the bottle!

→ Get Aloe Lube: Dame | Amazon

HALLELUBEYAH from Lovability

A purple bottle of Lovability's Hallelubeyeah aloe-based personal lubricant
Photo courtesy of Lovability

What’s good: Loveability touts values of inclusion, empowerment, feminism, choice, sex, and body positivity. On top of that, the brand partners with organizations that care about the earth such as 1% for the Planet and Women’s Voices for the Earth

It also has a variety of other eco-friendly products, like sex toys made of recycled materials

Ingredients: HALLELUBEYAH is a gentle pH-balanced formula made with organic aloe. It is free of parabens, glycerin, and fragrances, and manufactured to the ideal osmolality, a numerical score of how concentrated the molecules are in a product you're using in comparison to whatever the product is interacting with. (Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and confirm that we’re STEM scholars now). 

Our review:

Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good

Container: The HALLELUBEYAH by Lovability comes in a small, discreet flip-top with a bamboo top and plastic bottle. It comes in a 3oz. bottle that is TSA-friendly, so you can take it with you anywhere. 

Texture & Feel: This lube is definitely on the stickier and thicker side. It has a higher viscosity, though it is still moisturizing and didn’t cause me any irritation. 

Someone squirts a sample of Hallelubeyeah from a bottle.
HALLELUBEYEAH was on the thicker side, but still enjoyable. Photo by Sam Slupski/Good Good Good

User experience: This lube was my least favorite out of the three I sampled — only because it was the thickest of them all. This doesn’t mean I still didn’t enjoy it, though.

I did find that it got a bit tacky over time, which isn’t my favorite feeling, but I can see myself reaching for it again, because it was non-irritating and moisturizing.

Other thoughts: Like most aloe-based lubes, HALLELUBEYAH is toy- and condom-friendly.

→ Get HALLELUBEYAH: Lovability | Grove Collaborative

Other eco-friendly, non-toxic lubes to shop

BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant by Good Clean Love

A hand holds up a bottle of Good Clean Love's BioNude lube
Photo courtesy of Good Clean Love

What’s good: Founded by Wendy Strgar, Good Clean Love was born out of necessity. After nursing four children, sex was becoming incredibly painful for Wendy and her doctor recommended trying conventional personal lubricants, but was having severe reactions to every product she could find. 

Now, Good Clean Love has six label certifications highlighting its commitment to environmental safety, such as being certified B Corp, Made Safe, and Organic

Ingredients: Made for the most sensitive skin types, Good Clean Love’s BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant is water-based and made with a base of hydroxyethylcellulose that won’t strip the body of its moisture with a pH Rating of 3.9 - 4.3.

→ Get BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant: Good Clean Love | Amazon

Simply Lube by The Natural Company

A bottle of Simply Lube sits on a clean sheet
Photo courtesy of the Natural Love Company

What’s good: The Natural Love Company believes “sex shouldn’t cost the planet.” To honor this slogan, the company plants a tree for each purchase and another for every review received

The Natural Love Company is currently planting trees in Madagascar in light of the terrible deforestation the region has experienced in recent years. Each tree will bring back displaced wildlife, reduce soil erosion, and restore humidity conditions. 

The Natural Love Company is also a part of 1% for the Planet, is powered by renewable energy, has carbon-negative delivery worldwide, and its packaging is single-use plastic-free

Additionally, Simply Lube bottles are made from 100% plant-based compostable plastic and the pump lid is 100% reusable or can be disassembled and recycled.

Ingredients: Simply Lube has only five ingredients and contains 99.2% organic ingredients, including aloe vera. Simply Lube is a water-based lubricant, naturally toy-safe, and condom compatible.

→ Get Simply Lube: The Natural Company 

H2O Sliquid Naturals by Sliquid

Three clear bottles of Sliquid's H2O lube
Photo courtesy of Sliquid

What’s good: Sliquid’s founders believed they could create a healthier, more natural lube option that would work better for everyone. So, they set out to create lubricants without sugar and sugar derivatives (glycerin), using only the safest ingredients, making it the cleanest, most natural lubricant on the market. 

Now, the diverse team at Sliquid creates products that use recyclable bottles and ingredients sourced from the earth. Sliquid also ships products to consumers using boxes and envelopes made from recycled paper, as well as recycled void fill paper. 

Sliquid also donates to over forty organizations each year, such as the Transgender Law Center and Planned Parenthood.

Ingredients: Sliquid Naturals H2O is a water-based lube and is 100% free of DEA, gluten, glycerin, glycol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and sulfates. It is also 100% vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

→ Get H2O Sliquid Naturals: Sliquid | Amazon

Shag Juice by Woo More Play

Shag Juice lube, packaged in a pink milk carton
Photo courtesy of Woo More Play

What’s good: Woo More Play is committed to creating products that are as natural as possible, tested as much as possible (but still cruelty-free!) and is committed to providing sex education through a library of online resources

Ingredients: A water-based lubricant, Woo More Play’s comedically named Shag Juice is made from a vegan material called hydroxyethylcellulose, a vegetable-based cosmetic material called propanediol, and citric acid. 

It is toy- and condom-safe and free from parabens, glycerin, and propylene glycol. 

→ Get Coconut Love Oil: Woo More Play | Amazon 

Love Sesh by Playground

A bottle of Love Sesh by Playground
Photo courtesy of Playground

What’s good: Founded by Christina Aguilera (yes, that Christina Aguilera), Playground believes sustainability is sexy. Its bottles and caps are made of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic that can be rinsed placed in your household recycling bin when you’re done. 

The brand’s boxes are also made of 30% post-consumer waste that can be recycled or composted, and all of its products are plant-based, vegan, and made with natural ingredients. 

Ingredients: Love Sesh is a water-based lubricant made with soothing vitamin E, hydrating hyaluronic acid and bamboo extract. 

It also has pleasure-enhancing herbal stimulants such as ashwagandha, which is known to increase blood flow; black cohosh, an herbal extract known to balance hormone levels and decrease vaginal dryness; and horny goat weed, an ancient Chinese aphrodisiac known to boost sexual drive & desire. 

Playground is an ultra-concentrated lubricant, meaning a little is meant to go a long way.

→ Get Love Sesh: Playground | Amazon

Aureum Lubricant by Tabu

An orange bottle of Aureum Lubricant
Photo courtesy of Tabu

What’s good: In partnership with medical advisors and experts, Tabu is working toward a future where sexual health isn’t defined by where people are in their reproductive years. 

Tabu is committed to breaking taboos around sexual health at every age, but especially those who are near or post-menopause. The brand’s Aureum Lubricant is recommended by top GYNs and pelvic floor experts and comes in a recyclable bottle.

Ingredients: Tabu’s water-based lubricant is FDA-cleared, made from aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and natural plant extracts. 

These include passion flower and peony root, which are rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids to protect from dryness and soothe sensitive areas. 

→ Get Aureum Lubricant: Tabu | Sephora 

Toto by TOCA

Toca's Toto lube in a bottle, beside a colorful box
Photo courtesy of TOCA

What’s good: Run by an entirely POC staff, TOCA (Spanish for touch), is a one-of-kind project fusing clinical herbalism, sex education, nutrition, sexual health, and trauma healing into dance routines and multiple orgasms. Yeah, it’s a lot. And it rocks.

TOCA believes that when we increase our desire, we do everything better. The brand’s team is made up of experienced clinical herbalists, farmers, medicine makers, nutritionists, sex educators, formulators, and teachers.

The company creates organic plant extracts from high-quality ingredients, using infused oils, essential oils, flower essences, and more. 

Ingredients: Toto by TOCA is an organic oil-based botanical sex lube designed with the vagina in mind, but can be used for all types of genitalia. Toto is gently stimulating and warming, and can help reduce inflammation or pain with its 200mg of CBD. 

Toto is safe to ingest orally and safe to use on silicone or plastic toys, but it is not condom-safe and should not be used with any latex.

→ Get Toto: TOCA

Luxe Lubricant by SUTIL

A bottle of luxe lubricant from SUTIL
Photo courtesy of SUTIL

What’s good: The Swifts, co-owners and creators of SUTIL, were concerned about parabens and harsh chemicals since its beginnings in 1989. (No, this isn’t a Taylor Swift Easter Egg).

SUTIL is now known for its natural ingredients and purity, and believes that lube should be as simple and natural as possible. SUTIL is void of harsh chemicals, parabens, and glycerin, includes organic and ethical ingredients, and has considered the impact of its packaging with the use of biodegradable tubes. 

SUTIL has the COSMOS certification and RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certification. These certifications ensure the products are respectful of biodiversity, use recyclable packaging, are created under fair working conditions, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ingredients: The Luxe lubricant is a water-based lube with a light viscosity made with propanediol, a gentle hypoallergenic humectant that is both moisturizing and soothing and derived from responsibly sourced palm oil. 

Luxe is also made with hyaluronic acid, lotus root water extract, and oat beta glucan, which replenishes moisture to skin. The lube also has horny goat weed, ginseng root, and zizyphus jujuba, which are Chinese herbal aphrodisiac tonics traditionally used to increase strength, energy, stamina, and vitality. 

They help boost immune functions and have natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties to fight infection. 

→ Get Luxe: Sutil

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