Good Vibes: 14 Best Eco-Friendly Sex Toys (2024)

The following article contains information that may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. Discretion is advised.

The Meile vibrator, the vibe, and the Medlar

I have a confession to make: I didn’t masturbate until I was 21 years old. 

It may have been because of internalized purity culture or shame, but looking back, I think it was simply because I didn’t know what or how to begin. 

Women and femmes aren’t taught to prioritize our pleasure. In fact, it’s often thought of as an afterthought for many. And for a while, sex toys weren’t even something I could imagine buying. It was too embarrassing. Pleasure! The horror! 

Turns out, solo sex and integrating sex toys into my sexual wellness routine has been such a big part of my healing and wellness journey.

But I want to know that what I’m using is good for not only my body, but also the planet. I want to know that I’m not contributing to landfill pile-ups and am investing in items that will last. 

When it comes to sexual pleasure and wellness, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and luckily, there are brands stepping up their game and thinking about pleasure for people with vulvas and those without. 

As temperatures rise and things get… hotter… sex toy brands are taking care of the planet, too.

Buying sustainable and eco-friendly sex toys is just one more individual ethical choice we can make in our lives to better the planet while we continue to advocate for systemic change.

Note: Please be mindful of any allergies or physical limitations when using these products. Consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. 

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By the way, some of the links in this article are from our partners and affiliates, which means we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything in this article was independently and honestly written by the Good Good Good team. Thank you for your support!

What to look for in sustainable and non-toxic sex toys:

When researching sustainable sex toys, myself and the editorial team at Good Good Good researched items that were body-safe, made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, part of an ethical production cycle, made to last — and designed to help you feel good. 

Here’s a little bit more information on the metrics we considered to share the best sustainable sex toys with you: 


It’s simple: look for materials that are good for the body and good for the planet. We are looking for body-safe materials such as latex- and phthalate-free, medical-safe silicone, glass, stainless steel, and ABS plastic. Body-safe items are often certified by third-party testing organizations, like the FDA or RoHS

Remember: the most body-safe materials are the ones you aren’t allergic to! Be mindful of a toy’s contents before you start playing in case you have an allergy.

While it’s important to look for materials that are not harmful to our bodies, it’s important that they are also not harmful for the planet. Think: recyclable, compostable, biodegradable. 

You likely already know what it means for an item to be recyclable, but compostable and biodegradable are words that are often used interchangeably, though they have some key differences. 

A product being biodegradable means an item can be broken down without oxygen and turns into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass, but can sometimes still take hundreds of years. 

Compostable, however, means that an item can break down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass in small pieces in about 90 days.


Keep your eyes out for sexual wellness brands that value making the world a better place — not only by taking steps toward a more eco-friendly future, but also by giving back to communities and fostering equitable and safe work environments. 

We also look for brands that are inclusive and use language that isn’t binary or shameful when it comes to sexual health.


A big part of sustainability is knowing you are buying a product that is long-lasting. It’s important to look for an item that is rechargeable or doesn’t require charge or batteries at all in order to use them. You can also research warranties and recycling policies with the brand you’re shopping from.

A product that is biodegradable and has great recyclable packaging but only lasts a couple of months is not as sustainable as, say, something with less environmental considerations but lasts a decade. 

Don’t just buy a product because it is marketed as sustainable. The goal is to find the thing you are going to enjoy the most and get the most out of — and is hopefully also made well and with intention for the planet. 

This isn’t just a one-and-done moment, people!

Our reviews of the best body-safe and sustainable sex toys:

The brands you see listed in this section sent Good Good Good’s writer some sample products to review for this article — allowing us to review based on hands-on experience. 

Our reviews are always honest. Receiving free products for testing never impacts our writing — and brands don’t have any influence on our writing or editorial process.

vibe from maude

A canvas pouch, cylindrical package and vibe sex toy from maude
The vibe. Photo courtesy of maude

Maude’s three-speed internal and external vibrator is a chic and minimal toy that can be used for solo play or with a partner. The vibe is USB-chargeable and comes in three different colors and a canvas travel pouch.

What’s good: Maude regularly shares its passion for sustainability and sustainable values for all its products. 

The brand uses locally manufactured shipping cartons with 7% pre-consumer recycled content and 39% post-consumer recycled content with a total recycled content of 46%. 

Not only is maude committed to sustainability, but the company partners with SIECUS (Sex Ed for Social Change), Advocates for Youth, and Peer Health Exchange to support comprehensive sex education standards through advocacy, educational curriculum, and accessibility across the country.

Materials: The vibe is phthalate- and latex-free, water-resistant, and made with 100% platinum-grade silicone that is RoHs and FDA certified. 

The vibe toy is held in a hand on top of a white quilted blanket
The vibe from maude. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Our review:

Look and feel: Out of all the sex toys I’ve tried, maude is simply top of the game when it comes to soft-touch and aesthetic. 

Its minimal and modern design is great for those wanting a no-fuss toy. Also, if you’re looking for a sex toy to double as bedside table decor, maude is the brand for you. Like, it’s that cute.

User experience: I wish the vibe was just a little longer, closer to the length of maude’s other toy, the spot, because, as someone with joint pain, it can start to feel laborious to hold onto something smaller. 

However, for a quick self-pleasure moment — which does often happen quickly because of the intensity of the vibration — it is a fun option. I also like that it can be used internally without the girth of a standard dildo or vibrator, although I found I gravitated toward external use more often. 

The vibe from maude, its packaging, a charger, and a canvas pouch sit atop a white quilted blanket.
The vibe comes with a traveling canvas pouch and charging cable. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Other thoughts: Because there are only three vibration options, someone looking for more variety or less intensity may want to skip this product. But I enjoy it for its simplicity and ability to get straight to the point… literally. 

On a full charge, it lasts up to 2.5 hours, and maude recommends you charge after every use with the accompanying USB charger. Each vibe comes with a canvas case with a zipper that holds the toy and the charger for discreet on-the-go pleasure. 

Shop the vibe from maude

Other maude products to explore:

Explore our full review of all maude sex toys

Womanizer from Lovehoney

A pink sex toy
The Womanizer. Photo courtesy of Lovehoney

The Womanizer is a clitoral stimulator toy that is completely recyclable and made from biodegradable materials. The toy is latex- and phthalate-free, splash-proof, rechargeable, and has a runtime of 240 minutes.

What’s good: While not all of Lovehoney’s products are sustainable or eco-friendly, the brand is making moves with certain products to be kinder to the earth, like partnering with organizations such as Love Not War, for eco-friendly product lines. 

Outside of vibes, the brand makes other products, like lingerie, that are made with recycled, pre-consumer fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Lovehoney is also committed to supporting diversity and notes: “We delighted to be part of an exciting new collaboration by joining Stonewall’s Diversity Champions program. The partnership builds on Lovehoney’s existing commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion, using the power of our product knowledge, product offering, and commitment to inclusive content.” 

Materials: The Womanizer is made with a special Biolene material, which is largely made from renewable raw materials. According to the brand, it’s “more environmentally friendly than typical plastic and avoids environmentally harmful waste.”

Sam holds the womanizer in front of a white quilted blanket, its canvas pouch in the background.
The Womanizer from Lovehoney. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Our review:

Look and feel: The Womanizer is hefty in the hand feels like plastic, but it’s easy to hold and operate. It’s a cute blush pink color with a removable silicone suction cup for easy cleaning.

User experience: I am such a sucker (wink, wink) for a suction sex toy and the Womanizer is no exception. It has twelve intensity levels, which is really nice for those who like to play with build-up or want something more intense. 

While Lovehoney says it’s extra quiet, I didn’t find that to be the case. Although, the “smart silence function” — which means it doesn’t turn on unless it touches skin — is a nice feature. 

Other thoughts: I love everything the Womanizer is about, except the name. While this doesn’t impact its eco-friendliness, it’s something to note. 

This toy also only offers clitoral stimulation, so if you are looking for something with internal play capabilities as well, this toy may not be the match. 

Otherwise, it’s a stellar toy that delivers unique sensations for those with vulvas. 

A couple of final sustainability notes I really enjoy include the toy’s shorter charging cable to cut down on waste, and the fact that the brand plants a tree for every Premium Eco vibrator sold.

Shop the Womanizer from Lovehoney

Other Lovehoney products to explore: 

Meile Vibrator from Lovehoney x Love Not War

Dark grey and rose gold vibrator
Meile. Photo courtesy of Love Not War

Meile is a vibrator featuring a ball-shaped tip that delivers 11 functions with precision. It is 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and has a runtime of 60 minutes when fully-charged.

What’s good: Love Not War is using quality materials to make environmentally friendly sex toys that are built to last. The brand uses recycled and recyclable materials, and even narrows down onto the little details, like using soy ink on the card packaging. 

Love Not War has won a Green Product Award for its products and has a custom-built factory that is powered by green energy, though the brand hopes to one day reach carbon-zero manufacturing

Materials: This toy is made out of body-safe silicone and the inner body and end ring is made with 100% recycled aluminum. The motor pack in the base is made with a plastic that is biodegradable, and the brand’s logo is engraved onto the toy with a laser, so there is no ink or chemicals used. 

Additionally, the rechargeable batteries are compatible with all Love Not War vibe heads and all shipping materials are recyclable. 

A hand holds the Meile vibrator above a white quilted blanket
The Meile from Love Not War. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Our review:

Look and feel: This vibrator is simple and sleek and is unexpectedly heavy for its size, but I like that. For me, it was easy to hold for long periods of time. With four speeds and seven patterns of vibration, you are able to get exactly the feel you want.

User experience: Cue the TikTok sound… “Just buy it, you don’t have to rationalize everything…” because this is a real find of a vibrator. 

The precision of the ball-shaped tip makes it easy to deliver sensation right where you want it, and it can be used all around the body. 

When using it with my partner, I found it to be fun to play and tease in many areas, and then ultimately use the highest setting to get from zero to 100… really fast. In the spirit of TMI, let me just be honest and say it got really wet. 

The meile vibrator, cardboard package, charging cable, and black pouch sit on a white quilted blanket.
The Meile comes with a small carrying pouch and charger. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Other thoughts: The intensity of this vibe is no joke, so if you are looking for something a little lighter, you may have to work your way up to the Meile. If you have problems holding slimmer toys, this may create issues as well. It comes with a carrying bag and you simply unscrew the base from the tip to recharge. 

Shop the Meile vibrator from Lovehoney x Love Not War

Other Lovehoney x Love Not War products to explore: 

Com Vibrator from Dame

A periwinkle wand vibrator
Com. Photo courtesy of Dame

A take on the classic wand shape, Dame has upgraded its Com vibrator to feature comfort and easy handling.

What’s good: Dame doesn’t have explicit sustainability information on its website, but the company was founded by two women: one a sexologist and the other an MIT engineer, and uses non-toxic and body-safe materials.

Dame’s big selling feature is its commitment to ending the “pleasure gap,” — the fact that women are less satisfied with sexual activity than their male counterparts. 

All Dame vibes are rechargeable and made to last.

Materials: The Com, along with all of Dame’s vibrators, are made with medical-grade silicone (with the exception of the Zee, which is soft-touch ABS plastic). 

The Com vibrator, box, charging cable, and blue carrying pouch sit on a white quilted blanket.
The Com from Dame. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Our review:

Look and feel: I adore the periwinkle color (the Com also comes in a rose quartz color) and the shape feels unique to any wand I’ve seen. The body-safe silicone is soft and inviting.

User experience: I’ve been curious about using more wands and love how ergonomic this one feels during use. While other vibrators are more buzzy, this one is more rumbly and offers a deeper vibration I really enjoy. 

There are five intensity levels and five pattern modes, and I found there’s more variation in between each setting that I haven’t found in other toys. 

Other thoughts: The Com is chic and comes with a soft carrying case and magnetic USB charging cable, and runs for an hour at its highest charge.

Shop Com from Dame

Other Dame products to explore: 

Eco-Ebony WaterSlyde Aquatic Stimulator from Lovability

The eco-ebony toy is splashed with water
Eco-Ebony WaterSlyde. Photo courtesy of Lovability

The WaterSlyde is a bath attachment that diverts water right where it counts. It easily attaches to your bathtub faucet with a simple bow and next thing you know, you’re welcoming a new sensation with the power of water. 

If you’re someone who’s trying to ease into sex toys or looking for something totally different from your everyday vibe, Lovability’s WaterSlyde could be the toy you’ve been searching for. 

What’s good: While each WaterSlyde is recyclable, I tried out the Eco-Ebony version, which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. In an email to Good Good Good, the brand also shared that in the future, other colors of the WaterSlyde will be made with post-consumer resin. 

The brand also uses packaging made from recycled paper and partners with organizations such as 1% for the Planet and Women’s Voices from the Earth, who are championing efforts towards a healthier planet. 

Materials: The Eco-Ebony WaterSlyde is made of body-safe recycled and recyclable material, never requires batteries, and lasts a lifetime. The toy comes with a self-gripping ribbon and velcro strap to attach to your bathtub faucet.

The eco-ebony WaterSlyde attached to a bathtub faucet
The Eco-Ebony WaterSlyde attaches to a bathtub faucet. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Our review:

Look and feel: I have to be honest that upon opening, the WaterSlyde felt reminiscent of something I’d find in a gynecologist office for an exam. It isn’t the sexiest thing to look at, but once I read the instructions, I felt better about what to expect and its intended use. Plus, the material feels sturdy and durable.

User experience: I’m not a big bath-taker to begin with and don’t tend to use that time to partake in self-pleasure, but for the sake of the experiment, I tried it and it was… anticlimactic. 

Despite its 4.5-star review on Lovability’s website, it was a fine experience and could be a good opportunity to just simply get someone in the mood, but for solo pleasure, WaterSlyde alone left something more intense to be desired. 

A hand holds up the Lovability WaterSlyde against a white quilted blanket
The WaterSlyde includes minimal packaging. Photo by Sam Slupski / Good Good Good

Other thoughts: While Lovability notes that the WaterSlyde can be used while filling up your bathtub, I simply don’t want to be sitting in an empty tub when trying to access pleasure. 

Because of that, I feel unsure of the sustainability factor of having to have the water constantly running in order to use the toy, but I get the idea. If I’m wanting a more “manual” experience, I’ll opt for my own fingers before I reach for this again. 

One thing I do enjoy is that the brand listened to customer feedback and sent a velcro strap alongside a self-gripping ribbon to keep the toy on the faucet. The item is also disability-friendly.

Shop the WaterSlyde from Lovability

Other Lovability products to explore: 

Other natural and eco-friendly sex toys to shop:

For this section, we’ve conducted research, read dozens of reviews, and included a breakdown of the environmental considerations of each item — but we have not yet tried them out ourselves.

We will continue to update this article over time.

The Whisperer from Smile Makers

A green lipstick vibrator
The Whisperer. Photo courtesy of Smilemakers

This soft lipstick vibrator delivers delicate vibrations designed for new moms – or anyone that’s experienced a pause in pleasure. There’s no penetration, only super-gentle clitoral stimulation.  

What’s good: The Whisperer is good because, unlike many other sex toys, it’s goal is to provide gentle stimulation, which can be key for someone trying to get in touch or back in touch with their self-pleasure. 

It’s rechargeable, making it a long-lasting toy you can use again and again. Smile Maker’s entire goal was to make vibrators for people who had never used them before — but were curious. Creating these sex-positive and approachable toys for all with longevity in mind is a big plus in our book.  

Materials: The Whisperer is made from FDA-approved, body-safe silicone and includes a charger with 11.5mm pin. Smile Makers recommend cleaning with warm, soapy water before and after every use.

Shop The Whisperer from Smile Makers

Other Smile Makers products to explore: 

Saro from The Natural Love Company

A hand holds up a white rabbit vibrator
The Saro. Photo courtesy of The Natural Love Company

The Saro is a classic rabbit vibrating dildo from The Natural Love Company’s ocean plastic line. The Saro has 12 settings, which offer different sequences or strengths of vibration, including the new whisper-quiet “gentle touch” mode.

What’s good: The Natural Love Company plants a tree for each purchase and another for every review received. The company is currently planting trees in Madagascar in light of the terrible deforestation the region has experienced in recent years. Each tree will bring back displaced wildlife, reduce soil erosion, and restore humidity conditions. 

The Natural Love Company is also a part of 1% for the Planet, is powered by renewable energy, has carbon-negative delivery worldwide, and its packaging is single-use plastic-free. Its slogan? “Sex shouldn’t cost the planet.”

Materials: The Saro is made from recycled ocean plastic, coated with soft, sanitary-grade silicone. It has a magnetic charging system and is fully waterproof.

Shop the Saro from The Natural Love Company

Other The Natural Love Company products to explore: 

Dalia from Désirables

A white dildo on a maroon background
The Dalia. Photo courtesy of Desirables

The Dalia is a G-spot massager created with vaginas in mind. The matte finish of the porcelain will give you a good grip even when used with lubricant. 

The Dalia is a dual-end dildo; you can use either end to reach and stimulate your G-spot and use the rounded tip to assist you during your pelvic floor’s training and relaxation exercises.

What’s good: Désirables believes that achieving orgasm in the fastest possible way can be the opposite of what intimacy should be, so the company created porcelain toys. 

The Désirables website says: “We do not use any plastic other than medical grade silicone: used in the medical field. For most of our products we have found a material that has been around for centuries and has all the characteristics needed in a luxurious intimacy accessory; Porcelain.” 

Not only is Désirables prioritizing non-toxic products for the body, but believes in the health of the planet, as well, by creating long-lasting products that don’t require charging or won’t break down over time. Plus, each item is handcrafted by local potters.

Materials: Porcelain easily fits within the palm of your hand, thanks to Désirables’ ergonomic shape. The pressure will be put on the stones, instead of your hands or joints. 

Porcelain is also 100% body safe, extremely durable, hypoallergenic, non-porous, thermo-conductive, and easy to wash and disinfect.

Shop the Dalia from Désirables

Other Désirables products to explore: 

Biodegradable Vibrator from Gaia

A pink, blue, and green vibrator lean against a wall.
The Gaia Eco. Photo courtesy of Gaia

Biodegradable and recyclable vibrator, the Gaia Eco is crafted from starch-based bioplastic and features a slim bullet design with a tapered tip for internal or external stimulation. The Gaia has multi-speed vibrations and a quiet motor.

What’s good: Gaia praises itself as the creator of the first biodegradable vibrator. It’s fully recyclable and compostable, however, it does require two AA batteries for use.

Materials: The Gaia vibrator is made out of “BioFeel” which is a starch-based bio-plastic. It’s body-safe, phthalate-free, and waterproof. When you’re ready to retire your Gaia, take it to your local recycling center and it will biodegrade within 47-90 days in a commercial composting facility.

Shop the Biodegradable Vibrator from Gaia

Other Gaia products to explore: 

Medlar from the Natural Love Company

A blue cock ring sits on a linen cloth
Medlar. Photo courtesty of The Natural Love Company

Medlar is a cock ring crafted to complement the curves of the vulva with appropriately sized vibrating prongs to hug the clitoris, bridging the gap between internal and external stimulation. 

With 10 rhythms and a user-friendly magnetic charging system, Medlar is a quiet device ensuring intimate experiences remain discreet — and it’s waterproof, so you’re ready for the shower or bath.

What’s good: As noted above, the Natural Love Company’s eco-friendly efforts are some of the most advanced among sexual wellness companies listed. Plus, we wanted to make sure we added in a penis-friendly option in this list. It’s important that all of us have access to safe, eco-friendly pleasure — and the Natural Love Company is making this option available.

Materials: Medlar is water-safe up to a depth of 8 inches and made out body safe, sanitary grade silicone. 

Medlar from the Natural Love Company

Other the Natural Love Company products to explore: 

Gemini by Unbound Babes

A glass dual-end dildo
The Gemini. Photo courtesy of Unbound Babes

The Gemini has a curved and beaded dual-end dildo used for internal stimulation and external massage. Made from specially toughened borosilicate glass, the Gemini is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and plays well with all types of lubricant. Glass toys like Gemini are long-lasting and recyclable.

What’s good: Unbound Babes admits its sustainability efforts aren’t as great as they’d like them to be, but the company is still considerate about its environmental impact.

The brand’s exterior shipping boxes are made of recycled material and over time, have greatly reduced the amount of plastic in overall packaging, while still ensuring that items are safely and hygienically packed. 

Unbound Babes has also decided to remove small storage bags from some of its packaging, in order to make it more sustainable and does not split shipments unless specifically requested by customers.

Materials: The Gemini is made from eco-friendly glass, which is safe for the body and easy to recycle.

Shop the Gemini from Unbound Babes

Other Unbound Babes products to explore: 

Pure Wand by Njoy

A stainless steel sex toy
Pure Wand. Photo courtesy of Njoy

The Njoy Pure Wand is crafted with perfect curvature and ample reach so you can lay back and relax while you pleasure yourself or your partner with a firm, controlled massage.

What’s good: The Pure Wand is made with stainless steel, and while Njoy notes that there are cheaper grades of stainless steel available, the brand says it is not willing to budge on quality

Because of the medical-grade materials, the Pure Wand is made to last. 

Materials: The Pure Wand is made out of 316 medical-grade stainless steel that is always body-safe and created for maximum comfort and pleasure.

Shop the Pure Wand from Njoy

Other Njoy products to explore: 

Magic Wand by Ohhcean

Three blue sex toys and their accompanying boxes
The Magic Wand (center). Photo courtesy of Ohhcean

The Magic Wand is a vibrator with seven vibration settings made out of upcycled ocean-bound plastic. The wand is waterproof and fully rechargeable via the included USB cable.

What’s good: Ohhcean was the first sex toy range made with ocean-bound plastic. They are made in collaboration with #tide, a company that creates lots of various products from ocean-bound plastic — including these toys!  

#tide organizes beach clean-ups and pays fair wages to waste-pickers and fishermen who collect plastics. This secures raw materials for the certified, durable, and safe #tide ocean material used in Ohhcean toys. 

While Ohhcean’s products are not available in all countries, you can head to the brand’s website to sign up with your email to be the first to know about their latest drops.

Materials: In collaboration with #tide, Ohhcean’s toys are made from ocean-bound plastic and a thin layer of body-safe silicone. #tide created a durable solution to plastic pollution that is based on circular principles

Through the collection and upcycling of ocean-bound plastic into a premium raw material, the brand puts plastic waste back into a circular economy and contributes to the protection of various ecosystems.

Shop the Magic Wand from Ohhcean

Other Ohhcean products to explore: 

Milli Vaginal Dilator

The Milli Vaginal Dilator and its case
Milli Vaginal Dilator. Photo courtesy of Milli

Milli is the first and only all-in-one expanding vaginal dilator specially designed to help people with vaginal tightness. It gradually expands from 15mm to 40mm inside your vagina at a pace that you control.

What’s good: In order to access various sizes of vaginal dilators, you often have to buy multiple items and sizes to reach your goals. Milli is helping people create less waste by having multiple sizes in one product. Plus, it’s also rechargeable! 

Materials: The Milli has a body-safe silicone covering and a discreet, portable USB chargeable carrying case.

Shop the Vaginal Dilator from Milli

Other Milli products to explore: 

  • Currently Milli only offers one product

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