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Good News About Animals

Good News About Animals. Celebrating animals making a difference for people — and people making a difference for animals

13 Good News Stories About Animals to Leave You Feeling More Hopeful

New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. In An Animal Welfare Breakthrough, Spain Is Giving Pets The Same Legal Status As Humans. In a sign of growing support for animal rights in the global capital for bullfighting, domestic animals in Spain will

This Man Has Saved Over 20,000 Animals With Custom-Made Prosthetics

This Man Has Saved Over 20,000 Animals With Custom-Made Prosthetics. September 4, 2021. Derrick Campana is an animal orthotist who has saved more than 20,000 pets with his custom-made prosthetics. Campana, who’s from Sterling, Virginia, creates braces and

In Wyoming, Fences Are Coming Down to Make Way For Wildlife

to keep livestock in (or out), to mark boundaries between public and private lands, or to keep animals away from roads. In some cases, the fences are simply remnants, erected decades ago and no longer serving any purpose. In others, they were constructed

A New mRNA Vaccine Targeting Ticks May Offer Protection Against Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases

Fikrig Lab. at the Yale School of Medicine. Some animals repeatedly exposed to tick bites are eventually able to develop resistance to tick feeding, where the ticks either detach soon after biting or cause skin redness that alerts the host to remove them

Why a Plant-Based Diet Can Save the World

Planet.”. This episode, Gene shares his journey to adopting a vegan diet and simple action steps for transitioning to a plant-based diet to impact your health, animals, and the environment. Guest: Gene Stone, journalist and New York Times-bestselling

Potty Trained Cows Are No Joke for the Climate

within the MooLoo. “We were really impressed by the result,” says Dr. Jan Langbein of FBN, who for 20 years has been studying the cognitive abilities of farm animals. “While other animals — cats, dogs, and pigs — are toilet trained. The idea was that cattle

Nepal's Conservation Efforts Have Nearly Doubled Their Tiger Population

and elephants, but have at the same time fueled human-wildlife conflicts. Programs at the community level aim to mitigate these conflicts by fencing off national parks from adjacent villages and compensating villagers for the loss of animals or crops

Popular Twitter Account "WeRateDogs" Raises Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars For Pets

posts them on the Twitter account (titled WeRateDogs) with funny comments and a “rating” on a scale from one to 10 — but he often awards ratings exceeding the maximum, like “13/10.”. Illustration of WeRateDogs tweets / by Carra Sykes for The Animals Edition of

Why Noise Reduction Could Save Marine Life

vitally important to marine animals for communicating, navigating, finding food, meeting a mate, and detecting predators. High levels of noise from shipping, oil and gas exploration, naval sonar training, and construction drown out the ocean’s natural sounds. In

Hurricane Ida Relief: Good News Out of Louisiana & How You Can Help

people have this basic need met. Donate to support World Central Kitchen. To help take care of animals impacted by the storm, donate to the. Louisiana SPCA. While they evacuated a lot of animals before the storm, the Louisiana SPCA is also helping rescue

Female 'Firies' Are Fighting Flames and Stereotypes in Australia

pregnant as she joined crews on the ground battling blazes and evacuating towns. “We were finding deceased animals that were caught in the blaze. We saw remnants of houses, remnants of sheds, cattle with no water troughs because they literally just disintegrated

Ending Subsidies That Harm Nature Could Create Millions of Green Jobs, WWF Says

"The economics are clear. What we lack is the political will to take action," he said. Global Nature Pact. About 195 countries are expected to agree the text of a new global pact to safeguard the planet's plants, animals and ecosystems - similar to the Paris

The Goodnewspaper: A print newspaper filled with good news

Veterans Edition, The Refugees Edition, and The Animals Edition. Others have more general themes with a variety of diverse stories. No matter what, each issue will include a diverse range of good news stories from around the world — highlighting the people

Rewilding Projects Are Multiplying Across the U.K. – Seeking to Boost Biodiversity

collect native seeds from other heaths, and sowed them on his land. He also began reintroducing animals that had traditionally lived there over the centuries, including wild ponies, cows, goats, and pigs. Olly Birkbeck on Massingham Heath, which he is

12 Good News Stories From The Year 2020

medicine, and funds for the heroic firefighters fighting the blaze. Doctoral student Erin Riley founded an impromptu organization in just four days’ time. The organization, FindABed, is a database of volunteers offering a place to stay for evacuees and animals

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