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This Man Has Saved 20k+ Animals With Custom-Made Prosthetics

This Man Has Saved 20k+ Animals With Custom-Made Prosthetics. There are more than 20,000 animals with prosthetic limbs in the world — thanks to Derrick Campana.

People Are Doing the 'Betty White Challenge' To Honor the Late Icon's Care For Animals

People Are Doing the 'Betty White Challenge' To Honor the Late Icon's Care For Animals. Betty White left a legacy of animal advocacy — and inspired others to join donate, adopt, and support.

Good Animal News

Good Animal News. Celebrating positive news about animals making a difference for people — and people making a difference for animals. Next

Reasons To Be Happy: Good Animal News (2022)

In a sign of growing support for animal rights in the global capital for bullfighting, domestic animals in Spain will now be considered “living beings” under law, instead of mere objects.

12 Famous Veterinarians Who Inspire Us To Do Good

Our world is a much better (and biodiverse) place because of animals. And who is better equipped to take care of those animals — and subsequently — our world, than veterinarians?

Staying Pawsitive: The Best Good News Stories About Dogs

WeRateDogs Twitter account. raising millions for dogs, this man creating. prosthetic limbs for animals. , the. famous veterinarians. making the world better for animals, or the world honoring Betty White through the '.

8 Famous Animal Conservationists You Might Not Know Yet

8 Famous Animal Conservationists You Might Not Know Yet. You’ve heard of. Jane Goodall. and Steve Irwin for their world-changing work to. help animals. , but have you heard of any of the wildlife conservationists below?

12 Pet Influencers Using Their Platforms For Good (2022)

The Fund was born out of a desire to advocate for special needs companion animals and build a community celebrating the human-animal bond. The fund. provides grants to shelters. and creates special needs foster program initiatives around the country.

The 'Humble Egg' Offers Nutrition To Millions Around the World

Heifer International also trains participants on the proper care of their animals, as well as community vaccinators to provide affordable vaccinations and deworming treatments for chickens.

63 Best Jane Goodall Quotes on Hope & Making a Difference

Born in London, England, in 1934, Goodall was fascinated by animals from a young age. She. began her groundbreaking research. on chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park in 1960.

In Wyoming, Fences Are Coming Down to Make Way For Wildlife

“For animals that need to roam, however, every ‘invisible’ fence line could be an actual barrier that they have to figure out how to overcome.”.

Potty Trained Cows Are No Joke for the Climate

Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology. (FBN) say that potty training — or as they term it, “learned control of urinary reflexes” — is an “original and hitherto unrealized opportunity” in the fight against global warming.

Nepal's Conservation Efforts Have Nearly Doubled Their Tiger Population

Programs at the community level aim to mitigate these conflicts by fencing off national parks from adjacent villages and compensating villagers for the loss of animals or crops; reducing communities’ reliance on firewood collected from inside parks; and promoting

Uganda's 'Dr. Gladys' Honored by U.N. For Work Linking Conservation and Health

Image courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur/#unboundproject/We Animals Media. Years before the obsession with wild-borne pathogens latching onto humans gripped the world, Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka was already dealing with disease spillovers.

A New mRNA Vaccine Targeting Ticks May Offer Protection Against Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases

Some animals repeatedly exposed to tick bites are eventually able to develop resistance to tick feeding, where the ticks either detach soon after biting or cause skin redness that alerts the host to remove them.

Meet the Biologist Who Became an Ivory Detective

Yet fighting transnational criminal organizations, or TCOs in law enforcement parlance, is exactly what he’s doing today, all because of his passion for animals. And because he discovered how to extract DNA from elephant poop. Today, Dr.

7 Positive Good News Stories From Canada (2022)

“We understand why because they are obviously not akin to other animals, for instance, livestock. Cetaceans require the ocean, they require the space, they require acoustic communication over long distances.”.

Why a Plant-Based Diet Can Save the World

Gene Stone (author of “Forks Over Knives”) has spent the last decade writing about plant-based diets and their relationship to health, animal protection, and the environment.

Researchers Have Figured Out How To Offset 14% of Global Fishmeal Emissions By Feeding Fish Methane

In many countries which suffer from undernourishment, fish counts for one-third of the total animal protein supply.

Why Noise Reduction Could Save Marine Life

Sound travels much farther and faster underwater than in air and is vitally important to marine animals for communicating, navigating, finding food, meeting a mate, and detecting predators.

Meet the Jane Goodall Barbie Made from Recycled Plastics

You may know her from her. groundbreaking research on chimpanzees. , her journey to study chimps in the field in Tanzania at age 26, and her lifelong commitment to chimpanzee protection and animal conservation as a whole. In 2002, she founded the.

6 Good News Stories to Make Your Week Better

Animals. Governments Doing Good. Racial Justice. Human Rights. Health. COVID-19. Businesses Doing Good. Episode Details. Published On. May 17, 2021. Categories. People Doing Good. Creativity. Environment. Animals. Governments Doing Good. Racial Justice.

Good News for Southern Ocean’s Marine Life: Industry Halts Krill Fishing in Hope Bay

Read more good news about animals. Voluntary closure off Antarctic Peninsula will benefit penguins and more. Animals. Environment. Article Details. Published On. December 9, 2020. Contributors. The Pew Charitable Trusts. Categories. Animals. Environment.

WeRateDogs — Wielding Twitter as a Joy Outlet

Animals. Episode Details. Published On. August 14, 2017. Categories. People Doing Good. Animals. Want to stay up-to-date on positive news? Daily email. Every morning. Filled with the day's best good news. Thank you for joining the Goodnewsletter!

Theron Humphrey — Creating Out of a Place of Belonging

Animals. Episode Details. Published On. March 5, 2018. Categories. Creativity. Animals. Want to stay up-to-date on positive news? Daily email. Every morning. Filled with the day's best good news. Thank you for joining the Goodnewsletter!

Popular 'WeRateDogs' Twitter Raises Millions For Pets

Illustration of WeRateDogs tweets / by Carra Sykes for The Animals Edition of the Goodnewspaper. WeRateDogs. is a bright spot on the internet for more reasons than one. You might also like: Meet the Pet Influencers Using Their Platforms For Good.

Doug the Pug Raises Thousands, Supports Kids With Cancer

“I think animals teach us a really beautiful lesson to love everybody and every creature,” Mosier said. “When I need to see good, I will spend time with animals, because there is no ego, nothing external.”.

How To Help Ukraine: Donate To Orgs & Stop Misinformation

Help animals in Ukraine. IFAW. Animal welfare organization, IFAW. , is rushing emergency aid to two local animal shelters in Donetsk and Gorlovka, Ukraine to provide pet food, veterinary supplies, and wages for daily care staff.

Celebrating the Life of E.O. Wilson, Prominent Biologist and Author, Who Died at 92

Animals. Environment. People Doing Good. Article Details. Published On. December 27, 2021. Contributors. Rhett A. Butler. Categories. Animals. Environment. People Doing Good. Meet the Acrobats Using Parkour to Fight Light Pollution.

Meet the Acrobats Using Parkour to Fight Light Pollution

National Geographic. , artificial light can confuse the natural body rhythms of both humans and animals. Nocturnal light confuses our circadian rhythms and interferes with our sleep, lowering melatonin production.

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