51 Best Sentimental Gifts Anyone Would Cherish (2023)

3 Of The Most Sentimental Gifts You Can Give: A Framed Artwork From A Beloved Artisan, A Storyworth Subscription, A Cute And Funny Portrait Of Their Dog

It really is the thought that counts. 

Sometimes this cliché gets thrown around when gifts don’t always land with the recipient, but perhaps it should instead be leading our gift-giving thought process. 

After all, what everyone really wants is a gift that makes them feel special, known, and understood. They want to be thought of, remembered, and at the forefront of your mind when it comes time to pick out a gift.

Something thoughtful that invokes happy memories, like a special photo album or a personalized piece of art that can be cherished for a lifetime simply means the world — and they don’t go to waste in the “return” or “re-gift” piles.

If you’re looking for ideas for sentimental gifts that make your loved ones feel extra loved, you’ve come to the right place. 

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The Best Sentimental Gifts You Can Give Your Loved Ones

A Fujifilm Instax camera to document memories

A Fujifilm Camera And Three Polaroid Pictures On the Asphalt
Photo courtesy of Fujifilm

The first step in sentimentality? Holding onto beloved memories! Instax cameras are great at providing that simultaneous instant gratification of a lovely photo with the classic vintage touch of holding a printed image in your hand.

Shop: Amazon | Best Buy | Urban Outfitters

Artifact Uprising photo prints

A Custom Portrait of With Family Photo Hanged On The Wall
Photo courtesy of Artifact Uprising

If you’re looking for larger photo prints, Artifact Uprising offers gorgeous prints in various sizes — and they’re made sustainably with recycled paper! 

Shop: Artifact Uprising

An astrology book all about them

A Custom Made Astrology Book. It Has The Person's Name And It's Date of Birth On The Cover
Photo courtesy of Astroo Lagoon

Calling all Leos! Consider an astrology book that takes your gift recipient on a trip to the stars to learn all about themselves and understand their full birth chart. 

Shop: Birthdate Co. | Etsy 

A personalized history book from the New York Times

A Personalized Book From the New York Times.
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Any history buffs in the house? The New York Times makes these beautifully bound books of all the front pages of the iconic paper from each of your gift recipient’s birthdays. 

This is a meaningful way to look back on the years and get a larger picture of what was going on in the world with each rotation around the sun.

Shop: Uncommon Goods

A fancy book valet for their coziest reading endeavors

A Wooden Vook Valet Holding A Cup Of Coffee, Reading Glasses and A Teal Book
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This one is for the bookworms.

Is it just me, or is it almost impossible to get fully comfortable when reading a book? You’ve got your book or e-reader, your favorite beverage, and maybe a snack or reading glasses — where does it all go?!

A book valet keeps everything in one place and helps your voracious reader move from reading nook to reading nook around the house. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A custom journal for their innermost thoughts

A Leather Looking Custom Journal With The Owner's Name On The Cover.
Photo courtesy of Copper Fox Company

Giving someone a space to tell their story is one of the most empowering things you can do — even if it’s in the privacy of a personalized journal.

Shop: Etsy | Papier | Minted | Uncommon Goods

→ Check out our full guide to guided journals and self-care planners!

A set of personalized stationery

A Set of Personalized Stationery With a Flowery Design
Photo courtesy of Minted

For all the words that they’ll share with the world, a set of personalized stationery gets our stamp of approval. This also makes a great gift for milestones like graduation or starting a new job!

Shop: Minted | Papier

→ Check out our favorite eco-friendly stationery brands!

An affirmation card deck

A Card Deck Of Positive Affirmators. The Cover Has a Human Like Rabbit Riding An Unicorn
Photo courtesy of Knock Knock

Who doesn’t love a good positive affirmation? Card decks like these are a great and simple way to tell someone you think they’re amazing — and that they should believe it. 

Shop: Amazon | Etsy | Uncommon Goods

This DIY picture book all about them

The Just Image Book and A Few Pages Lying Around Next To Markers
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate a picture book! For the folks with big imaginations, give them the opportunity to write their story in picture-book format. 

Shop: Uncommon Goods

An eco-friendly bouquet of flowers from ReVased

An Eco-Friendly Flower Vase with A bouquet of Roses And Sunflowers
Photo courtesy of ReVased

ReVased is a small women-owned flower delivery business that sustainably sources its stems from farms — and even donates flowers to nonprofits, too! 

If you’re planning to gift someone a bouquet of flowers, nothing is quite as meaningful as this. 

Shop: ReVased

A book filled with things you love about them

Four Custom Books About People That You Care About The Most.
Photo courtesy of Knock Knock

If you’d rather do the creating, you can get an easy-to-fill book that helps you communicate all the things you love about this special person. 

Shop: Amazon | Etsy

Framed artwork from a beloved artisan

A Custom Framed Artwork. This Piece Is "Open Window" By Collioure in 1905
Photo courtesy of Deco Vox Prints

Art prints can be so special and meaningful. Perhaps you’ve found a stunning watercolor image of their favorite flower or an abstract painting that would fit in perfectly with all of their other decor. 

Check out any number of artisan marketplaces for the perfect piece!

Shop: Etsy | Framebridge | Minted

A Storyworth subscription

Many Storyworth Books Across A Table.
Photo courtesy of Storyworth

Storyworth is a subscription service that sends your gift recipient weekly prompts, encouraging them to preserve memories or tell silly stories that are worth documenting. 

Then, those stories can be printed in a beautiful book that can be cherished for a lifetime!

Shop: Storyworth

A print newspaper filled with good news

The Good Newspaper Featuring Cute And Colorful Cartoon Drawn Animals
Photo courtesy of Goodnewspaper

It’s all of the nostalgia of the newspaper your loved one grew up with… but with none of the bad news! We might be biased but a subscription to the Goodnewspaper might be the best gift out there. 

Shop: Goodnewspaper

A custom music box with a special tune

A Wooden Custom Music Box With A Family Picture Inside
Photo courtesy of Great Lace Crafts

Music boxes are not just for tiny ballerinas anymore! 

Get a custom keepsake box that contains a favorite photo — and plays a meaningful song when it’s opened.

Shop: Etsy  

A nice picture frame to hold your most cherished memories together

Two Picture Frame Holders On Top Of a Table
Photo courtesy of Ausique Decor

Once you have those printed photos we mentioned earlier, you’ll probably need a place to keep them. A beautiful picture frame is always such a special staple in any home — bonus points if it’s engraved or made from a special material that means something to your gift recipient! 

Shop: Amazon | Etsy | Uncommon Goods 

A beautiful photo album or book

Three Photo Albums Holding Precious Moments
Photo courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Maybe your loved one already has a wall full of photos or is running low on tabletop space. A photo album is another way to keep precious moments in one place.

Shop: Artifact Uprising | Etsy | Shutterfly  

This CatBird love letter necklace

Two Cute Golden Letter Necklaces With I love you Engraved On it
Photo courtesy of CatBird

This extra-special necklace from CatBird includes an engravable charm for you to write a tiny love letter to your gift recipient. 

Made with 100% recycled solid 14k yellow gold, this charm will stay close to their heart for years to come.

Shop: CatBird 

Any personalized bracelet from Bauble Bar

Four Pretty Golden Bracelets. One Has a Name Engraved On It
Photo courtesy of Bauble Bar

Say something that sparkles. Whether you customize one of these bracelets with your gift recipient’s name, their child’s name — or heck, even their pet’s name — it’s sure to wow. 

You can also opt for positive words (or your word of the year!) like “hope” or “peace.”

Shop: Bauble Bar

A family birthstone necklace

A Golden Neckacle With Two Beautiful Birthstones. The Left One is Emerald And The Right One Ruby
Photo courtesy of geominimalist

This is the surefire way to make your mom cry. A family birthstone necklace includes the stones of multiple family members, making a beautiful rainbow of gems that represent all the people you love most. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A botanical birth month jewelry dish

Two Jewerly Dishes With Engravings Inside Displayed On A Table With A Pink Rose
Photo courtesy of Garden of Graces

Does your gift recipient already have enough jewelry? There’s a good chance they don’t have a place to store it! 

Get them a beautifully unique jewelry dish adorned with the flower that corresponds to their birth month.

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A Viewfinder of all your favorite moments together

Four Fun Colored Viewfinders And Reels With Custom Photos On Them
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you’re interested in going a more playful direction, a Viewfinder (and an accompanying custom photo reel) takes a nostalgic and beloved toy and makes it all yours. 

Shop: Amazon | Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A candle that smells like home

Four Candles With Custom Homesick Smells Labeled On Them. From Left To Right: New York, Northern California, Southern California, Texas
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Well, we can’t always recreate your grandma’s lasagna, or the exact combination of ocean water and seagulls-carrying-french-fries, but we sure can try.

Get a Homesick Candle that captures the scent of their favorite state, country — or even their college town.

Shop: Amazon | Homesick Candles | Uncommon Goods

→ Need more inspiration? Explore this guide of eco-friendly candles!

A beautiful map of their favorite place

A Map Of Your Favorite Place Displayed On a Portrait In A Living Room Table
Photo courtesy of Scandiant

Need the perfect keepsake to remember that life-changing adventure? Get a map of your honeymoon destination, the city where you met, or just the place you call home.

Shop: Mapiful | Etsy 

A set of glasses etched with the map of their favorite city

Two Set Of Glasses With Outlines Of A Special Place On Earth
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Whether you want to remember the times you spent in a specific city, or you want to invoke memories of their hometown, grab a set of glasses that outline that special place.

Pro tip? Get a bottle of whiskey or a bag of coffee beans from that place to make the drink in the glass even more sentimental. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

→ Want something nice but a little less customized? Check out our favorite recycled glassware!

A map of the night sky on a special date or anniversary

A Custom Made Portrait Of The Stars Constellation From A Specific Date And Coordinates
Photo courtesy of Giftuvo

We often think of a place as the pin on the map, pointing to a building or a street name. But a place in time is also written in the stars.

Capture their most meaningful memories as a grid of the night sky: the day their child was born, the night you met, or the moment you said “I do.”

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods 

This bracelet that contains sand from their favorite beach

A Custom Made Bracelet Made With Sand Of Your Favorite Beach
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Experiencing the perfect beach getaway often makes you wish you could just bottle up the moment and keep it forever. 

While this item can’t exactly create the magic that would keep you from your desk job forever, it does remind your loved one of a favorite trip to your choice of one of thousands of beaches around the globe.

Shop: Uncommon Goods

A blueprint of their favorite sports arena

A Custom Made Portrait Of Your Favorite Stadium
Photo courtesy of Title Game Frames

Whether your gift recipient is a die-hard Cubs fan, never wants to forget the hot dog they ate at Dodger Stadium, or wants to remember their Eras Tour show from the iconic summer of 2023, this vintage-style blueprint poster will bring those core memories to life.

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

Or… a print of their favorite ski trails

A Custom Made Portrait With An Art Print Of Your Favorite Mountain
Photo courtesy of Ski Trails

If your loved one is more of a ski bunny than a sports fanatic, there’s something for them, too!

Get them an art print that follows their favorite ski trails or resorts from the majestic mountains.

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

For the homebody, a watercolor portrait of their home sweet home

A Water Color Custom Portrait With A Beach House Painted With The Location
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

And — if your person doesn’t quite have a taste for adventure and would prefer to stay home all day, we’ve got the thing for them, too. 

A watercolor portrait of their beloved home — or the place they just moved into — is always a sweet touch. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

An artistic portrait of their beloved pet

A Dog Next To A Cute Self-Portrait
Photo courtesy of Crown & Paw

Call us biased, but most of all, we’d cherish a portrait of our furry friends. Pick from endless styles, formats, and finishes and put that beloved companion in the hall of fame where they belong. 

Shop: Crown & Paw | Etsy | Uncommon Goods

An embroidered sweatshirt with their dog’s face on it

A Custom Made Sweatshirt With Your Animal Friends Embroidered On It
Photo courtesy of Pet Creativo

If your gift recipient would be more likely to carry their pooch on their person, an embroidered sweatshirt could be the way to go. These custom apparel items put those beloved pups right next to your heart to wear all day long. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A necklace personalized with their pet’s nose print

Three Perzonalized Necklaces With Dog Noses Engraved On Them
Photo courtesy of Chapman Jewelry

If you want to go a fancier route, a piece of jewelry makes for the perfect keepsake, as well. These necklaces can be personalized with their pet’s nose print! 

The only tricky part will be actually acquiring a photo or print of that beloved boop. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

→ Check out our full guide to gifts for animal lovers!

A monogrammed mug for their morning coffee

A Pretty Robust Custom Monogrammed Mug
Photo courtesy of Sunshine Nature Shop

Although most of us already have a pretty robust collection of mugs, we all deserve a favorite. Get them a monogrammed mug that will earn the top spot on the shelf!

Shop: Anthropologie | Etsy | Amazon 

Their favorite sweet treat

Chocolate Cookies On Top Of Each Other With Peanuts On Them
Photo courtesy of Barnetts Fine Biscotti

Nothing says “I care about you” more than an invitation to enjoy something decadent. Chocolate, anyone? 

Shop: Amazon | Seattle Chocolate Company 

→ Check out our full guide to the best consumable gifts for more ideas!

A cutting board inscribed with a beloved family recipe

A Custom Wooden Cutting Board Inscribed With A Beloved Recipe
Photo courtesy of Maley Designs

Perfect to display in a kitchen or use for that show-stopping charcuterie board, these cutting boards are both meaningful and practical. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A cookbook filled with family recipes

Two Recipe Cookbooks Filled With Your Recipes
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Pass down generations of family recipes in a way that is both timeless and chic. Own those Jell-O salads and Christmas cookies with a simple custom cover that will quickly become a staple in the kitchen. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

For the chef, a monogrammed knife

Four Chef Cooking With Your Chef Name Monogrammed On It
Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Knives are already a meaningful (and pricey) gift, so an extra few dollars to engrave them with your chef’s name or initials will make them that much more special.

Can I get a “yes, chef?!”

Shop: Etsy | Williams-Sonoma

A personalized harvest basket for the green thumb among us

A Cute Basket With Personalized Engraving On It
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

That seasonal produce deserves a beautiful place to land. 

If your gift recipient is a gardening enthusiast, help them pick fruits and vegetables in style with this personalized harvest basket.

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

This long-distance favorite: The Lovebox

A Digital Messenger That Spins When You Recieve A Messaged From Your Loved Ones
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Go beyond text messages and send a message that means the world.

The Lovebox is a digital messenger that spins when your recipient receives a message. Different designs of the box allow users to send messages, emojis, and photos. 

Shop: Amazon | Uncommon Goods

This turntable art print that features an  upcycled customized record

A Real Upcycled Vinyl Artwork Hanged On A Wall
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Playlists and burned CDs are so yesterday. Take it to another level and share a list of songs via this beautiful art print that includes a real upcycled vinyl. 

Shop: Uncommon Goods

An extra thoughtful gift box from Greetabl

A Cute And Small Personalized Gift Box
Photo courtesy of Greetabl

Gone are the days of boring fruit baskets and impersonal corporate gifts. 

Greetabl gives users the chance to personalize their (small but mighty) gift boxes with photos, meaningful messages, and hand-selected goodies.

Shop: Greetabl

A throw blanket stitched with a handwritten letter

A Blanket With a Meaningful Handwritten Letter Message
Photo courtesy of Frankie Print Co

Wrap them in love — literally. This blanket allows you to print a meaningful handwritten message right onto its soft and cozy threads. 

Perfect for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even as a real-life thank you note

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A monogrammed passport holder

Four Colorful Custom Passport Holders
Photo courtesy of Sprinkled with Pink

Have a globe-trotter in your midst? Get them a colorful custom passport holder for all of their travels! 

It’s basically the equivalent of saying “I’ll miss you but at least you can see Italy in style.”

Shop: Etsy | Sprinkled with Pink

A personalized case for their playing cards

A Personalized Case Card Holder With Names Engraved
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Poker player? Card game enthusiast? World champion of Spoons? Give them a place to store those playing cards that is alllll theirs.  

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

This welcome mat that helps them say what they really feel

A Welcome Mat With Tile Pieces
Photo courtesy of Letterfolk

Letterfolk’s tile mats give people the freedom to switch out their doormat greetings with ease. Plus, they’re cute as all get-out. 

If your gift recipient loves to host, always has something witty to say, or just loves to dedicate a moment to home design, this is for them.

Shop: Letterfolk

An embroidered Boat & Tote from L.L. Bean

Boat & Tote Embroidered Bags With Initials And Names
Photo courtesy of L.L. Bean

If you haven’t already fallen in love with L.L. Bean’s Boat & Tote bags from the iconic Instagram account @ironicboatandtote, allow us to introduce you to the tote bag of everyone’s dreams.

Get the bag embroidered with their initials, a favorite saying, or something Tom Wambsgans-approved

Shop: L.L. Bean

A pair of custom-designed shoes

A Pair Of Custom Designed Shaco Sandals With Pictures Of Cute And Funny Dogs
Photo courtesy of Chacos

Take a cult-classic shoe like a Chaco sandal or some high-top Converse and make them totally unique!

Both shoe companies offer the option to create custom designs, with various colors, patterns, and embroidery. Help your favorite person step out in a way only they can.

Shop: Chacos | Converse

This customizable camp flag to adorn their wall

Two Customizable Camp Flags. The One On The Left Is White And Pink. The One On The Right Is Yellow And Green
Photo courtesy of Pennant 4 Your Thoughts

Whether you’re calling back memories or sayings from your old summer camp days, or you just want to invite a playful and meaningful element of design to your loved one’s space, a camp flag is a great way to do so!

Shop: Etsy

A whimsical night light engraved with their name

A Personalized Night Light With A Moon Shape Engraved With A Name
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

For those kiddos who are scared of the dark — or those grown-ups who trip on their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night — these personalized night lights are both cute and practical. 

Shop: Etsy | Uncommon Goods

A pride flag to display with, well, pride

A Pride Flag
Photo courtesy of Flags For Good

Nothing says “I love you and cherish our relationship” than a pride flag that symbolizes acceptance and joy. 

Whether your loved one recently came out, or you want to celebrate their love for any occasion, find their pride flag design and let that thing wave!

Shop: Amazon | Flags For Good

→ Explore our full guide of LGBTQ+ pride flags!

A donation to their favorite cause or charity

At the end of the day, none of us really need a custom shirt or necklace. If you’re still stuck on how to share a meaningful gift with your loved ones, consider donating to their favorite cause or charity.

You can set up donations in their name, print off a fun certificate they can frame, or talk about what kind of difference this gift can make. 

Donate: Check out this ultimate list of nonprofit organizations 

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