23 Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts

Ideas for sustainable Valentine's Day gifts including plants, eco-friendly mimosa sugar cubes, and ethical chocolate

You have a big heart. In fact, your heart is so vast, and full, and expansive that you have room for all the people in your life — and Mother Nature. 

Not only are you bored of the mass-assembled goodies, too-sweet chocolates, and poorly cared-for flowers that you might normally find in stores for Valentine’s Day, but you also know that they’re not good for the planet

Plus, the people you love deserve tokens of appreciation that are thoughtful, unique, and special — and you just can’t find that in the aisles of your nearest drug store. 

We’re here to make the shopping trip a little easier on you. 

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the love of your life, your best friend, the cutie you just started seeing, yourself — or even your pets — we’ve rounded up some great options to consider this Valentine’s Day.

While you’re at it, check out our guide to sustainable Valentine’s Day celebrations, too! 

By the way, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

The best eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts for every type of love

For Your Significant Other or Spouse

Date Night Subscription

Sustainable Date Night Subscription Box
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

What’s more eco-friendly than a gift you can experience? And what’s more difficult than figuring out what to do for date night after nearly a decade of “I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?” with the person you love most in this world? 

We get it. Try out this date night subscription! It’s filled with various kits that include recipes, painting projects, massage oils, and more. Pick from a three- or six-month subscription. 

​→ Shop date night subscriptions from Uncommon Goods 

Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings in gold
Photo courtesy of Brilliant Earth

This one will be sure to bring out their pearly whites. If you’re looking for a meaningful jewelry piece, these Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings from Brilliant Earth are stunning.

Plus, Brilliant Earth is known for its responsible sourcing, use of recycled precious metals and CarbonFree commitment, so you can feel good knowing your purchase won’t hurt the planet — and will make your person feel so very special.

Shop pearl earrings from Brilliant Earth

Solar-Powered Watch

A man smiling and wearing a modern-designed watch with a white watch face
Photo courtesy of Solios

I firmly believe that every good couple is made up of opposites. For me and my partner, I’m perpetually early, and he’s perpetually late. It’s just the nature of things. Both of us could definitely benefit from a good watch. 

Solios makes watches that use solar energy, so all you have to do is use your watch as usual, and it’ll recharge at light speed (haha, get it?) without any batteries. They’re also made with recycled and sustainable materials, like cork “leather,” recycled stainless steel, and cork packaging. The company also gives back to the Rainforest Trust and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of eco-friendly watches, if you want to find some other options!

Shop solar powered watches from Solios

Love Oil

Thin bottles of love oil
Photo courtesy of Good Clean Love

Seduce your sweetie with some sexy essentials. Good Clean Love, a certified B Corp, makes intimate hygiene products and personal lubricants made with 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. 

The Origins Love Oil enhances the pleasures of touch and aroma with exotic natural aphrodisiac fragrances. It’s made with therapeutic-grade essential oils and no synthetic fragrances, parabens, or hormone disruptors. 

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of eco-friendly lubes, if you want to find some other options!

Shop Love Oil from Good Clean Love

Eco-Friendly Lingerie

Two women wearing red lingerie
Photo courtesy of Cosabella

Lingerie is arguably one of the more personal items you can buy, so we can’t point you in the perfect direction for everyone, but we do know that buying a quality item goes a long way. 

Cosabella makes size inclusive and eco-friendly lingerie. All handcrafted in Italy from start to finish: take your pick from undies and bustiers, to teddies and bralettes. 

Shop lingerie from Cosabella

Artifact Uprising Photo Album

Front cover of a photo album, wrapped in a wooden box
Photo courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Call me a hopeless romantic, but one of the most special gifts is a beautiful cherished memory. Book a photo session with a local photographer, order some photo prints — or create a beautiful photo album.

Artifact Uprising is a great place to buy photo prints (made from recycled paper), or to order a custom photo album made with premium materials (like linen and ultra-thick paper). 

Capture your favorite shots from your wedding, from your vacations over the years, or a mix of all of your favorite photos, and save them in an heirloom to admire for a lifetime.

Shop custom photo albums from Artifact Uprising

For Yourself

Bamboo Pajamas

A girl smiles while wearing her pink pajama set
Photo courtesy of Cozy Earth

Self-care isn’t only about bubble baths and snuggly blankets — but feeling comfortable sure doesn’t hurt! These pajamas from Cozy Earth — available in both men’s and women’s options — are made with OEKO-TEX certified viscose from bamboo, and will have you feeling soft and luxurious all night long.

​→ Shop bamboo pajamas from Cozy Earth

Soy Candle

A cute orange candle in a tin
Photo courtesy of P.F. Candle Co.

Hey, everybody loves a good candle. But we don’t love when candles are made with toxic chemicals that can harm our homes or the environment. P.F. Candle Co. makes vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free candles that are produced using 100% domestically-grown soy wax. Try the Teakwood & Tobacco scent! 

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of eco-friendly candles, if you want to find some other options!

​→ Shop candles from P.F. Candle Co.

Maude Vibe Solo Massager

Hand holding a discrete vibrator
Photo courtesy of Maude

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to feel the love — and we mean feel the love. Maude’s Vibe is the perfect solo massager for self-pleasure without harming the planet. The three-speed device is used with FDA-grade silicone, water resistant, latex-free, phthalate-free, and comes with a canvas pouch for storage and travel.

Maude’s package is also 100% recyclable (and made from pre- and post-consumer recycled content), so all you have to do is embrace the good vibes.

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of eco-friendly sex and intimacy products, if you want to explore more options!

​→ Shop the Vibe solo massager from Maude

Explore our full review of all Maude sex toys

Chocolate Tasting Experience Box

Box of chocolates that give back, with colorful packaging
Photo courtesy of jcoco

If you know us, you know we’re big fans of a consumable gift. Who said that gift had to be for anyone but yourself?! This chocolate tasting box from jcoco is the real deal. Each bar includes information about the fermentation, drying and roasting times, and its unique flavor notes. The box also has a chocolate tasting wheel with steps to taste your chocolate using all five senses.

The best part? The company is carbon neutral, and every purchase helps fight hunger in the United States.

​→ Shop chocolates from jcoco

Personalized Stationery

Stationery in a keepsake box
Photo courtesy of Minted

Call us corny, but what better act of self love is there than writing yourself a love letter? We’re serious; grab yourself some eco-friendly stationery, twist open your favorite pen, and sit down and lay it all on the line. You might even find that this can become a regular practice.

Or… you’ll just have some super cute note cards with your name on them for all your other correspondence. It’s a win either way.

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of sustainable stationery, if you want to find some other options!

​→ Shop personalized stationery from Minted

For Your Best Friends or Galentines

Hoop Earrings

A woman wearing chunky gold hoops in her ears
Photo courtesy of Mejuri

Dainty jewelry is trendy for a reason! It works with everything, y’all. Get a pair of staple hoops from Mejuri for your bestie (and maybe a pair of your own to match, we’re just throwing that out there).

Mejuri focuses on traceability and transparency in all of its craftsmanship, and over 80% of its gold is from recycled sources, while the remaining 20% is newly mined gold that comes from responsible RJC-certified sources. 

​→ Shop hoop earrings from Mejuri

Mimosa Sugar Cubes

Box of sugar cubes next to glasses of mimosas
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Here’s a toast to your ride or die! Have your Galentine’s or Palentine’s brunch in style with a fancy little drink. These sugar cubes are super easy to use and will elevate any glass of bubbly into a mimosa or bellini cocktail. 

Handmade by Cubism, a small woman-owned business in Phoenix, you can take your pick between the Citrus Trio or the Peaches & Berries Trio for the best love potion of your life. 

​→ Shop Mimosa Sugar Cubes from Uncommon Goods

Heart-Shaped Balm & Ceramic Dish

Three heart-shaped lotion balms in matching heart-shaped ceramic trays
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

We all have a pal who needs a little extra pampering. This perfect combo gift includes a handmade lotion-filled moisturizing balm (that comes in five scents, like lavender, lemongrass, or fresh linen) and a matching heart-shaped ceramic dish.

​→ Shop handmade heart-shaped balm and dish from Uncommon Goods

Wool Slippers

A person wearing white linen pants and fuzzy brown slippers
Photo courtesy of Parachute Home

There will be no cold feet this February! Help your BFF keep their toes warm with these wool clog slippers from Parachute Home. Made with all natural wool shearling, they’re fluffy and still breathable, and might be the new work from home staple your sweet friend needs.

Parachute is also Climate Neutral certified and works on a number of carbon offset projects every year. 

​→ Shop wool slippers from Parachute Home

For Your New Boo

Endangered Species Chocolate

Endngered Species Valentine's Day chocolate
Photo courtesy of Endangered Species Chocolate

So you’ve been seeing someone special for a little while, but you don’t want to just cop out with a heart-shaped box of chocolates (that doesn’t usually even taste that good to begin with?). Try Endangered Species Chocolate instead!

This chocolate is made with Fair Trade certified, vegan ingredients — and the company donates 10% of its annual net profits to conservation organizations. Do good and impress your new flame all at once!

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of vegan and plant-based chocolate bars, if you want to find more options!

​→ Shop Endangered Species Chocolate from Amazon

Custom Four-Across Game

A custom wooden board game with the names 'Justin' and 'Kasey'
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

It’s Connect Four… but with your own unique twist. This game is a great way to add a little healthy competition — and a special heirloom gift — to your relationship. Each set is personalized with hand-carved details, like your names, anniversary date, or a sweet message.

Hand made in Greensboro, North Carolina, these long-lasting, perfectly individualized gifts are made with maple wood.

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of conversation cards for couples, if you want to find some other game options!

​→ Shop the Custom Four-Across Game from Uncommon Goods

Aphrodisiac Cooking Class

Aphrodisiac Cooking for Two - Date Night Special - Make dinner, dessert, and drinks with passionate properties
Graphic courtesy of Uncommon Goods

An experiential gift you can eat afterwards? Now, that’s a good gift.

This Aphrodisiac Cooking Class will teach you and your honey how to make dinner, dessert, and drinks with aphrodisiac properties. A romantic evening in the kitchen (that surely has the potential to lead to an evening in the bedroom), this is a great way to connect on a whole new level.

​→ Book your Aphrodisiac Cooking Class from Uncommon Goods

Houseplant Duo

Plant with a little heart stuck into the dirt, with the words I Dig You
Photo courtesy of The Sill

Flowers are so last year. Surprise your cutie with a pair of potted plants! Add some oxygen into their atmosphere, and enable their green thumb. 

The Sill has a houseplant duo option that you can either pair off and share, or gift them both to your boo. (You can also add a cute little heart-shaped ceramic plant accessory, too). 

​→ Shop houseplants from The Sill

For Your Furry Friend

Savvy Doggy Dog Bed

Small dog sitting on a blue dog bed
Photo courtesy of Savvy Rest

Every pooch needs a place to land at the end of a fun day frolicking in a field or sniffing for treasure.

What better way to show your pup you love them than providing them the most comfortable place to relax? Savvy Rest has created the Savvy Doggy bed, made with natural latex and GOTS-certified organic cotton, for the best dreams a dog can imagine.

Pssst… you can also check out our full roundup of eco-friendly dog beds, if you want to find some other options!

​→ Shop the Savvy Doggy dog bed from Savvy Rest

Wool Cat Toys

Friendsheet sustainable wool goods: balls of wool in a bag
Photo courtesy of EarthHero

Plastic-free cat parents, we couldn’t forget about you! Not that your cat has any plans to show you increased affection on Valentine’s Day, you can still spoil them with some new toys. 

These wool balls are made from 100% organic and cruelty-free certified New Zealand wool and are completely biodegradable. Plus, they’re handmade in Nepal by women living with disabilities (earning fair wages in an ethical facility). 

​→ Shop Friendsheep’s organic wool cat toys from EarthHero

A Matching Outfit From Dog Threads

Matching dog sweaters for owner and pup
Photo by Kamrin Baker for Good Good Good

We can confidently say that there is no stronger love than the love between a human and their dog. And what is a better way to demonstrate that love than with a matching outfit? Dog Threads has your backs; from comfy jammies, to plush robes, to trendy crewnecks.  

Dog Threads also has great sustainability practices, using 100% recycled packaging, and upcycling scrap fabric to create donated dog beds. Even better, each purchase donates to an animal rescue nonprofit to help shelter pets in need. 

​→ Shop matching ‘fits from Dog Threads

Organic Catnip

Tin of organic catnip
Photo courtesy of EarthHero

Your cat can have a little Valentine’s gift… as a treat. Stock up on some organic catnip from Friendsheep! This tin of catnip is 100% USDA certified organic and harvested at the peak of season, completely free of pesticides, toxic fertilizers, or sprays. 

This natural herb will keep your cat’s animal instincts sharp and stimulated — and the tin it comes in is completely reusable or recyclable, too. 

​→ Shop organic catnip from EarthHero

If you’re looking for some more pet-related gifts, you can check out our gift guide for animal lovers, full of products that are good for the planet and give back!

And lastly, you might also love our gift guide for environmentalists.

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